Funny Traps and Defence Objects 1.1


This Pack contain some Traps and Defence to place around your base / Map / or to use for any script (like zombie mod etc) (more trap/def are coming)

so > You CAN ReUpload your Map / Script that use these custom object BUT PLEASE give credit and link people to This page
( Funny Traps And Defence object )

Requirment :
Need Menyoo Trainer ;

Installation :
Simply place all file in your menyoostuff spooner folder

How to use :
Open Menyoo
Go into spooner
Saved files
select a trap/def you want to spawn
Load placement (unfortunatly it will tp you each time you load something so I recommend to load multiple time in a row to go faster)
Go to the area you want to spawn the object
Then go to manage entity, scroll into the objectlist and select the object named " prop_whiskey_bottle " (and ONLY THIS ONE / DONT touch to other else it will not work)
Then use " bring entity to self " or " manual placement " on the whiskey bottle (only this one !) and you will be able to place the trap where you want
(You can load a trap/def multiple time in a row to go faster)

Once you builded your perimeter, or whatever, save your work and hop ;)

I'm not scripter so I only used object but if you think you could help me with script don't hesitate ;)

Current Traps/ defence :
2 elecfence (2 different size)
2 spikes trap (wooden and iron)
1 stockade with spike
1 Tesla Turret (only static anim)
1 Jerican trap (once placed, shot a jerican to repand fuel then shot fuel to make fire)
1 log stockade (this one is a bit ugly i'll try to give it a better look)

+ a little perimeter Test around the bay watch tower of vespuccibeach to test the different trap/def

More to come ;)

1.1 ; added a little perimeter test around the BayWatch Tower ( at the south extremity of Vespucci Beach near the canal that go to the marina), nothing really exceptional but it will show you all trap/def (use ped or zombie mod to test them or just walk on them to test it yourself (only work if you don't have invincibilty) xD)

Disclaimer, I found only one object that hurt ped so it will be always the same hurt anim ( it can project enemy in air but that still fun xP)
IF you know other object that can hurt ped feel free to suggest ;)
Also i don't really know well menyoo so may I miss some other way to hurt ped
so if you've some tips to help me I'll be really thankful

My Other mod :
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Jungle Biome
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And some minor other ;)
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