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  • 969b83 alien

    @SpringbunNy nice , between you should change some texture with gta texture for more beautiful render
    Also mind to add some screenshot it's always a plus

    14 febbraio 2018
  • 969b83 alien

    yeah i remember i spend a lot of time on this map in Bf 1942 ;P
    But you should put more effort, converting is a thing but you could add more detail (like tree/plant , crate, barrel, gun box , sandbag wall, misc, etc etc ).
    and the other point is about the terrain, that pretty not beautiful, you should do some blend with terrain shader, with one color for each kind of texture ( ex black >sand / blue > grass / green > dirt / cyan > grassy rock ) so it will highly improve what the island will look like ( personatly i find the one of bf 1942 was more colored/tropical :S)
    There is a easy tutorial on forum for blending a terrain material

    I forget but yeah there is a bug that make the game crash with landing on the island idk why but may you fixed it now

    08 febbraio 2018
  • 969b83 alien

    @luisinho20 just this mod or an other one ? Also for help that better to give detail such as screenshot of your dlclist, of the dlcpacks folder etc

    07 febbraio 2018
  • 969b83 alien

    @luisinho20 have you any other addonprops mod installed ?
    @AnonymousTube well this description is a bit outdated since now you can edit directly the dlclist inside OpenIV. But you must edit the one inside your mod folder. The Dlcpacks go to the normal folder cause it wasn't working in mod folder at this time ( but it's a addon so it don't replace any file in normal folder don't worry), but the dlclist must be copied to mods folder and then edited with the <item> line

    06 febbraio 2018
  • 969b83 alien

    @kinghippo2000 I guess i'll redo one in ymap and with custom model when i can ;)

    18 gennaio 2018
  • 969b83 alien

    @AfiqSana16 since there is no lod yep obviously, and well till the moment you add more object on the map, it use more resssource

    10 gennaio 2018
  • 969b83 alien

    @Derpy-Canadian yu never propose. I mean it don't make sens to have thiss map uploaded twice for just a addon or fiveM version. Better to merge everything together, and as you just spend 2min to do the addon version, seems legit that it's him that get the two version.

    08 gennaio 2018
  • 969b83 alien

    @Derpy-Canadian why not give him the addon version in order he add it to his file ?

    08 gennaio 2018
  • 969b83 alien

    @gtav tornado you've to way. Get zmodeler ( but 3 isn't free even thought there is a trial, this tool is only good for vehicle and ped)
    Or, and that the way i'll use for next update/map ( this mod have been made with zmodeler till now but as zmod is not for prop it bring a lot of bug), you can use 3DS 2016 ( nt recomended on 2017 since gims have trouble with 2017 or idk what) wich is a free tool ( you can get the studient version for free)
    Once yuou got 3ds downloaded you can instal GIMS EVO (( it's a script for 3ds that you can find on 5mods) and then start to build/import or convert your prop to gta ;)

    02 gennaio 2018
  • 969b83 alien

    @GooD-NTS well for exemple:
    we drop all our prop inside an addon folder and then can generate/edit the ytyp to add the draged object settings with OpenIV without having to write all bbmin/max or other stuff like that ( for now there is some ytyp generator but they're not really working fully or even in corrupted ( but working ) format like for addonprops tool .

    Or, since the addon folder are always build in the same way on hierarchy (from what i understood but i didn't test a lot (only props) for now so may i'm wrong) so if there could have something faster to create addon directly inside OpenIV instead of creating all folder/rpf/file/etc manualy, etc etc where we could just input the name we want to give to the dlcpacks and the kind ( addon prop/ped/vehicle/weapon/etc) would help and made thing easyer and faster ;P
    well again for the addon it's not a big deal, but clearly, a correct ytyp generator that keep and set everything as indicated or as the prop have as settings would be great.

    I finaly resign to use some global value for bbmin max cause it was just a fucking pain in da ass to open all openformat prop, check value, then go back on OpenIV and edit the ytyp manualy for each x / y / z on min and max and radius and center and this and that, that make a lot of value to recopy while most of them are stored inside the openformat wich don't make sens to my opinion ;S

    I know a lot of people got some problem with ytyp, and mostly on this kind of settings ( object disapearing cause bbmin/max to little , external/embeded texture badly set, etc etc etc). I know setting a global value on bb min/max cause performance issue but that really just too freaky much boring to write ( i should say copy in fact xd) the dozen of value with dozen of number, manualy on dozens/hundreds of prop xd

    02 gennaio 2018