Vom Feuer Light Rifle [SinglePlayer Replace | Replace / Addon FiveM] 2.0

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3/29 - 2.0 Changelog
- Added FiveM Addon Version
- Added Alternate Stock Version
- Removed Drum Magazine.
- Confirmed native tint support was retained.

FiveM Add-On Install Instructions:
1. Drag and Drop "ACGN_lightrifle into resources.
2. Ensure / start resource in config.
3. Add "WEAPON_LIGHTRIFLE" and related attachment configurations to necessary luas congruent to your server type.

Wanna live out your fantasies of chasing down bank heisters and getting into big fire-fights in the streets? How about running around in a suit mag dumping at Val Kilmer? Well, Vom Feuer has you covered. The Light Rifle is the perfect all around-er for when a Carbine Rifle is just too mainstream.

This is a lore-friendly version of a FN FNC, made by editing meshes of other weapons in the game. It replaces the Assault Rifle and all vanilla attachments are lined up and working. This is an earlier build of mine from when I was getting my feet wet and learning to build guns. I decided to turn it into a replace and release, so it may be a bit more rough than my USP upload from earlier, but I didn't want it to sit in unreleased Dev Hell. Please enjoy!

You are welcome to use this model for anything you'd like and modify how you see fit, please just give me some form of credit when doing so. If you decide to use this weapon in your FiveM server, do not place it behind any form of paywall. Thank you!!

If you decide to use it, let me know! I'd love to hear feedback so I can continue to improve on these weapons.

Install Instructions:
1. Drag and Drop all YTD and YDR files into the file path where the Assault Rifle files are located:
update - x64 - dlcpacks - patchday2ng - dlc.rpf - x64 - models - cdimages - weapons.rpf

2. Adjust this line in the Assault Rifle's weapon meta to make the iron sights / red dot line up properly

FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.00000" y="0.0100" z="0.02"
FirstPersonScopeAttachmentOffset x="0.00000" y="-0.20000" z="0.00600"
FirstPersonScopeRotationOffset x="-0.45000" y="0.0000" z="0.0000"
FirstPersonScopeAttachmentRotationOffset x="0.00000" y="0.0000" z="0.0000"

FiveM Install Instructions:
1. Drag and Drop the "ACGN_CustomWeapons" folder into your resources folder.
(Extra bonus, this file structure will make it easier for you to install my future releases too!)

2. Be sure to ensure the resource so that the files get streamed.

3. You will also need a separate resource streaming the weapons meta so that you can adjust the iron sights.

4. Using the streamed weapons meta file, change the line mentioned in the SP Install instructions so that the iron sights line up.
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