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    @sailor1982 First of all, it's not an ENB mod, it's mostly a timecycle mod. Second of all, I have no control over what works with pirated versions of GTAV - that has more to do with whether or not OpenIV works with pirated copies. I don't support pirating GTAV though. It's been on sale so many times that I don't really see an excuse for people to pirate it.

    10 hours ago
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    @KiNGoFV Hmm, those are still the wrong clouds for Overcast though. Are you sure you have the correct clouds.xml file that comes with NVR? All I do is open my game, go to Simple Trainer and change the weather itself to Overcast and the clouds just appear after ten seconds. You don't need to touch anything else.

    17 hours ago
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    @KiNGoFV If you were only using Simple Trainer then your Overcast pictures would have clouds. I do not recommend using Quant trainer to change weathers.

    18 hours ago
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    @KiNGoFV For now, use Simple Trainer to change weathers so you will have clouds in Overcast. I'm trying to get this issue fixed in an update so you won't have to rely on trainers for clouds.

    19 hours ago
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    @KiNGoFV Newest picture you sent is really dark and missing the clouds. That’s the problem with it.

    20 hours ago
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    @KiNGoFV First of all that picture is very old. It's from before this mod even came out, so of course the weather is bound to go through a lot of changes. Regardless, it seems like your picture is darker than it should be. I recommend upping the display brightness in GTAV and using the timecycle lighting script from the add-ons folder if you don't already have it.

    Also, here is how that same scene looks with my newest Overcast weather:

    I suggest you wait for me to release this and then try taking a picture again.

    @genipapo ENB does not work with FiveM at all.

    1 giorno fa
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    1. Those screenshots are nice for what they are but GTA5 has better overall lighting than GTA4. It's just that Los Santos is a lot more open / wide in comparison to Liberty City where most of the buildings are only a couple of feet apart, so the lighting isn't obstructed by tons of tall buildings and skyscrapers. The other thing is that Los Santos doesn't have as many realistic building textures like GTA4 does, both modded and unmodded. The one thing that does look really good in GTA4 are the vehicle reflections that ENB provides. So I'll give it that over GTA5's vehicle reflections.

    Check out these screenshots I took in Liberty City for GTA5:
    Keep in mind the reflections / objects / shaders are quite broken since it's not the full map, but it still looks on par with the GTA4 pictures. Last picture is in Los Santos for comparison.

    2. Yes I don't use LA Roads, they are quite shit and resource heavy. I don't recommend them anymore. Stick to vanilla roads for now. The modder whose GTA4 screenshots you posted is making a 2k / 4k roads mod for GTA5 and releasing it sometime this year. I think those will be much better than LA Roads and Vanilla Roads.

    3. I'm not sure which screenshots of mine you are comparing everything against but anything I uploaded after October 2017 is unreleased, so of course it will look better. As for the NVR trailer that's on YouTube, you can easily replicate that with the stuff that's available for download right now. Just make sure to adjust your color and brightness settings properly. Feel free to send me a screenshot in 4k and I'll tell you if there's anything that looks weird.

    4. The motion blur will be part of an Optional Add-On with the next update.

    @AbdullahHossain Oh, no shit? The update isn't even released yet, so of course the issue persists. Last updated Oct 10, 2017 so you must wait.

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    1 giorno fa
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    @jhelmer25 Thanks, I will redirect people to that gameconfig instead. Sure, I will make sure to update the documentation, but good news is that I've gotten motion blur to work with 'timecyclemods.asi' through the nextgen modifier and it creates the same effect that 'advancedblur' provided.

    @Crader224 @AbdullahHossain I fixed the police lights in the next update for all weathers and times but they will still dim down during 19:00 and 20:00 in the sunny weathers. It has to be this way or the sunset will not look good. The giant light effect on police vehicles is controlled by a mixture of bloom and brightpass postfx settings in the timecycle. Raising the bloom too high during sunset will cause the sun to create an ugly glow that I dislike.

    3 giorni fa
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    @cobraromania I don't have this problem after installing the new VisualV update. Sounds like you are having an issue with a trainer binded to some hotkeys. You don't need to reinstall the newest VisualV after you install my next update. If you don't have the newest VisualV then I recommend installing it first for the shaders.

    @Okabe1221999 Well, you won't be able to go online in the first place with mods. So if you can't go online then you can't get banned.

    @VenatoS Let me guess, you had GTA Redux installed at some point before this mod? I always see this problem from Redux users that transition to NVR and it's caused by the 'branchbend_windsettings.xml file' that is found in the common.rpf archive. You can replace it with the vanilla version of that file to fix your settings. I've already thought ahead of your comment and have the vanilla version of that file included with my next update so people won't run into this issue.

    @Archangel73337 Works mostly fine with the latest game version. The only thing that won't work is the "timecycle_mods_1.xml " file because the last GTAV update has its own inside the mpchristmas2017 dlc folder and it overwrites the one provided by me. I made sure to fix this in the next update, which will arrive shortly in the coming weeks.

    5 giorni fa
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    @fanaty This problem is being worked on for the next update.

    @spectreraini Thanks for sharing this. I like the style you're going for, keep it up.

    10 febbraio 2018