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  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    @Nithin Yeah it did! As long as you follow the installation instructions in the readme you should be set to go. Have Fun! :P

    1 giorno fa
  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    @Hillionlait Alright, then this mod is pretty good then. Thanks for the info! :D

    22 ottobre 2018
  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    @Shaezbreizh If that is true then you need to fix your installation instructions. Remove the requirement of Object Spawn Unlocker and say that people need Menyoo:

    Installation :
    > Step 1.) You need to have a working map editor :

    (If you can't get it to work don't come here to ask how but on map editor page, and I'll try to help you ;)
    You also need to use the " extendobjectlist" from map editor as objectlist (require O.S.U)

    > Step 2.) Object Spawn Unlocker : (it is included into the ZIP)
    > put it into the MAIN GTA FOLDER
    (this link will provide version 1.1 thaat not work for all that why i added the version 1.0 that should work fine into the zip ;)

    > Step 3.) Once you get all this stuff you'll have to put the map file " Atlantis.xml " into your Gta5 main folder/root (or autoloadmaps folder if you use it)

    > Step 4.) Instal " MENYOO trainer "

    >Step 5.) Put the Crazy Aquarium file into the folder " Spooner " of the folder Menyoo Stuff

    > Step 6.) Start the game,
    >Open Map editor and Load map " Atlantis " ;D (it will take some time depending from your config)
    (Do it first or fish will go away)
    > Once the map is loaded, open Menyoo, go to "object spooner " and "manage saved file", Select " Crazy Aquarium " and load placement

    You will find the entrance of the Aquarium At the airport near XERO build, or you can go to the aquarium faster by opening map editor mod and selecting first entity from "entity list" of map editor menu.

    18 ottobre 2018
  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    This mod is the greatest! Thanks for remaking Tommy Vercetti's awesome outfit. It was one of my favorites. 5/5 for the awesomeness! :D

    06 ottobre 2018
  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    Thanks for the hair fix! Tommy Vercetti's hair looks much better now! :D

    06 ottobre 2018
  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    @Stryfaar I could say the same for you bat brain. I am causing a little mischief in GTA V, a little Grand Theft Auto and some petty crimes, nothing major, yet! :) I am planning a heist though, whatch it too ya bats? You won't be able to stop me anyhow. I just came to see your remastered hotdogs, I was hungry. Nice mod though, toodles! ;P

    06 ottobre 2018
  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    @Berlino99 Sorry for not catching your comment sooner. If you want me to reply right away make sure to use @HarleyQuinnSquad so that I will be notified. I will see what I can do about making the GTA Vice City Stories Mission Passed Sound Effect Mod. No promises though, since college has started back up again I have limited time to make mods and play videogames. We will see though. :)

    01 ottobre 2018
  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    @CRISSY CRIS I made a voice pack mod just for Tony Montana! It won't change Michael's quotes though, but it does add Tony Montana's unique quotes from the movie and the videogame. I hope you enjoy it:

    01 ottobre 2018
  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    @CRISSY CRIS No problem dude! I wish Rockstar would make an official Scarface DLC. It is possible because Payday 2 did one and it was awesome! They actually let you explore and heist the Tony Montana Mansion, it is so cool:

    01 ottobre 2018
  • 2778e4 2 by milliganvick d9yz0pu

    @Palm Tree Forum Thanks dude! Don't mention it. I always rate mods 5 stars that are totally awesome! You really did a great job, above and beyond my expectations. Thanks for the tip on what mission is glitched. Keep on making great mods! ;D

    22 settembre 2018