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When I first played GTA IV, one of my most favorite gangs from the start had to be the Puerto Rican gang! Why, you may ask? Well, I found their taste in music to be perfect, regarding the Reggaeton mix by Daddy Yankee. I myself am Mexican American and I grew up listening to this type of music a lot when going on long road trips or having get togethers at my house! Plus, these guys had some awesome vehicles they drove with the red paint and gold rims! It made my dream vehicle in real life be an escalade as it's shown as the cavalcade in the GTA series. I don't have it yet, but it's still a dream of mine!

This gang even had some really hilarious lines they used when they were conversing with one another. I'm sure to most who don't speak Spanish it may sound like nothing, but to me, I understood them, and it was awesome to hear when I was growing up! I used a lot of the jokes they had when I was attending high school, and people would be like wtf! So, some great memories were made thanks to Rockstar's creation!

While we may not have the voice lines yet from that game, at least we can now have one of the models and one I think looks the coolest! Sporting those Puerto Rican colors and looking badass as hell! I hope you all will enjoy this update to one of my older mods and let me know what you think!

Installation instructions:

Install "addonpeds"

add the 4 files "g_m_y_latino_01" to the addon peds pack.

follow this route: Grand Theft Auto V \ mods \ update \ x64 \ dlcpacks \ addonpeds \ dlc.rpf \ peds.rpf \
or you can also install it as a replace by renaming the ped to what you want!
Ex: changing the name "g_m_y_latino_01" to "ig_barry" and replacing that model.

What is included in this mod:

He has all his outfits and textures from GTA IV!

His head model has facial animations which fit the GTA V game!

I added a bandana for him that Rockstar was intentionally going to give him, but didn't as there were textures but no model.

His props such as hats and glasses have been added to the model itself!

Addon Ped Helpers:

Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles:

Heap Limit Adjuster (650 MB of heap!):

Packfile Limit Adjuster:

Hope this helps prevent crashes with addon peds if you encounter them!

How to Use:

In order to spawn or play as the Puerto Rican model in game, enter the model's name into "spawn ped by model name" via simple trainer.
(If you do not have this trainer, then just type the name in the designated area of your current trainer):


If you use simple trainer you can add the model name to the ini file of trainer v and you then won't have to input the name every time ingame!
Just list it under the addonpeds section!

If you decide to use MapBuilder/map editor for creating scenes with him, then be sure to add the name to the top of the "ped list" in order to spawn him for your creations!

Just be sure to credit me if you make videos with him and don't forget to add the video to this mod page for people to watch!

Helpful Links:

Discord Community:

Support me on Patreon and find more content!

Known Issues:

The head does not have blood effects. His model wouldn't allow it for some reason. I might be able to fix this in the future with further editing. Other than that, all the outfits have blood mapping!

He has an issue with his glasses where they may seem a bit dark. I couldn't get the illumination perfect and thus had to make it the best I could.

His outfits may have vertice issues as the models are a bit baggy and I mentioned before in other mods of mine that those types of outfits tend to be really difficult to get moving correctly. So be aware that some animations may not look good with his outfits.


v1.1 - Check the "what is included in this mod" section above to find out what all is new!

v1.0 - Initial release
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