Realistic Dispatch Mod (Modified Crime and Police Rebalance Mod) 1.4

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This Mod is for those people who just think the dispatch system sucks. It is a highly edited modification of the Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement Mod, and you need to download that mod first before installing this one. Link:
- Realistic police response times
- Police spawn further away
- Cops don't despawn as much
- High speed chases are now really enjoyable because police will follow you in train formation and won't give up the chase as easily. For example, if they lag behind, they will not despawn immediately, but first try to catch up.
- Police will not ram you from behind in pursuits (They will still use PIT manoeuvres)
- Way more cops will spawn, but because they spawn further away, this will give for a very realistic enjoyable experience. You are actually able to kill all the responding cops, even at 5 stars, and have some peaceful quiteness for about 30 seconds until they're all over your ass again with 16 cars. In the normal GTA V the cops would just continue to spawn near you no matter how many you killed.
- 1 star: 3 police units will spawn far away from each other, and it will take about 1:30 minutes to get on location.
- 2 stars: police units will spawn around you, at its peak there will be about 16 officers.
- 3 stars: Police gets more aggressive and more units spawn + helicopter (will not shoot at you until 4 stars) and an occasional swat unit
- 4 stars: All kinds of different swat will spawn + 2 swat helicopters
- 5 stars: FIB units, Special SWAT units, 2 marine corps choppers, US Marines and special forces.
- It will now take 10 times as long to lose your wanted level when you are out of sight. I'm aware that some people may not like this, but then again, it is a realism mod.
- I think i forgot a lot of stuff, but you should just try the mod out
- For the full realism experience, turn off your radar.

Note: This mod doesn't work very well with any increased damage mod, for the simple reason that cops spawn far away and cops - as you may know - tend to crash into things while responding or chasing. This will deform their vehicles and make pursuit impossible.

Instructions for install:
1. First install the Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement Mod:
Follow the instructions and copy all the files to their designated folders, except dispatch.meta, wantedtuning.ymt, dispatchtuning.ymt, loadouts.meta, vehicles.meta and combatbehavior.meta.
2. Download this mod, unrar and
- drag the dispatch.meta (using openIV) to update.rpf\common\data.
- drag loadouts.meta, vehicleaitasks.ymt and combatbehavior.meta to update.rpf\common\data\ai.
- drag wantedtuning.ymt and dispatchtuning.ymt to update.rpf\x64\data\tune.
- drag vehicles.meta to update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\

Enjoy, and let me know if I should change stuff.

Version 1.1:
Lots of little improvements. Old version is still there for those who do not take kindly to improvements.

Version 1.1.1:
- Spawning is now more random, you won't find 8 units spawning on the same spot.
- Cops can go a little faster
- You will go to 2 stars faster. In the previous version it would take killing about 30 pedestrians or blowing up about 15 cars. I made it a bit more realistic.
- Some other small changes in response times

Version 1.2
- Helicopters will now not shoot at you before you reach 4 wanted star level. I achieved this by giving the helicopter cops nightsticks instead of guns (sucks to be them).
- Regular cops will now try less hard to box you in while pursuing you. SWAT and FBI will still do this. I'm still trying to figure out how to make regular cops not ram you all the time, something that annoys me.
- Cops have slightly faster cruise speeds
- Some other small stuff i forgot (I need to write stuff down...)

Version 1.3
- Cops will no longer ram you from behind. If you like them to ram you from behind use the old vehicles.meta file.
- Slightly increased police response at higher wanted levels
- Pursuits feel more 'real'
- Further improvements to spawning and response times

Version 1.4
- Reduced the amount of cops, last version was a little bit over the top. If you prefer those huge amounts of cops, use the dispatch,meta file from version 1.3.
- Added army units (marines, black ops) to spawn alongside police at the fifth wanted level
- Some other small tweaks
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