Improved Loadouts 1.4

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This mod aims to give peds a lot more variety with their loadouts. Please like and feel free to donate.

Open OpenIV. First, click on update. Next, click update.rpf, then click common, and look for data. Click that, and then select the folder named ai which is where you will find loadouts.meta. Use the 'Add new file' button(edit mode needs to be on) to add the loadouts.meta from the zip.

1.1 - Combat Pistol added to Security loadout. Custom loadouts have been removed because they are being used for my project.

1.2 - Police Guard loadout now has randomized Carbine Rifle with chances to have different attachments.

1.3 - Pistol Mk. II, Carbine Rifle Mk. II and Pump Shotgun Mk. II added to Army loadout. Double-Action Revolver added to Cult loadout.

1.4 - Double-Barrel Shotgun added to Lost loadout, Grenade added to Army loadout.

-Families/Ballas: Pistol(100), Machine Pistol with Extended clip(80), Micro-SMG with Extended clip(70), Knife(60), Assault Rifle(50), Bat(50), Knuckle Duster(40)

-Vagos/Aztecas/Marabunte Grande/Cartel: Pistol(100), Micro-SMG with Extended clip(60), Machine Pistol with Extended clip(50), Knife(50), Bat(30), Assault Rifle(25), Knuckle Dusters(20)

-The Lost MC: Mini-SMG(100), Pistol(85), Sweeper Shotgun(80), Switchblade(75), Sawn-Off Shotgun(50), Compact Launcher(40), Battle Axe(15)

-Hillbillies: Heavy Revolver(100), Double Barrel Shotgun(80), Baseball Bat(70), Pump Shotgun(60), Knife(30), Heavy Shotgun(20), Pistol(20), Marksman Pistol(10)

-Altruist Cult: Vintage Pistol(100), Hatchet(90), Musket(60), Gusenberg Sweeper(30), Dagger(10), Vintage Pistol with Extended clip(10), Gusenberg Sweeper with Extended clip(10)

-SWAT: Carbine Rifle(100), SMG(95), Carbine Rifle with Flashlight(80), SMG with Flashlight(75), Pistol(100), Pistol with Flashlight(50), Heavy Pistol(70), Heavy Pistol with Flashlight(20), Nightstick(default)

-Police Helicopter: Carbine Rifle(100), Sniper Rifle(50)

-Army/Merryweather: Carbine Rifle Mk. II(100), Carbine Rifle Mk. II with Holographic Sight(90), Carbine Rifle Mk. II with Small Scope and Grip(80), Carbine Rifle Mk. II with Flashlight(60), Combat MG(85), Combat MG with Extended clip(80), Combat MG with Extended clip, Scope, and Grip(30), Marksman Rifle(40), Pump Shotgun Mk. II(70), Pump Shotgun Mk. II with Holographic Sights(50), Pump Shotgun Mk. II with Flashlight(35), Pump Shotgun Mk. II with Flashlight and Holographic Sights(20), Pistol Mk. II(100), Pistol Mk. II with Flashlight(50), Knife(default)
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