[MLO] Dr Friedlanders Office Expanded [SP / FiveM][Addon] 0.52 (SP Installer)



This is mod to connect entire building with the small bit that's Dr Freelanders office and make it completely enterable MLO.

FiveM Version got couple of bugs with the objects on the roof.

[1.]Install OpenIV
[2.]Setup OpenIV for GTA5,
[3.]Drag and drop the file inside the archive into opened OpenIV window,
[4.]Press install once finished launch GTA5,
[5.]Hate/Love the mod :).

MLO has
1 Garage,
2 Bedrooms,
2 Bathrooms,
1 Livingroom,
1 Office,
1 Kitchen,
2 Staircases 1 leads up the other leads down,
Underground hallway,
a Swimming pool area,
See through windows from both inside and outside.

MLO also comes with a built in custom addon radio station that will only play songs provided to you by NoCopyrightSounds, currently features only 7 songs, more will be added in the upcoming MLO's.
Because it's playing music by NCS you won't need to turn off your music when entering this building during making a video and this mod shouldn't get deleted because it's this set of songs.
Radio originally was meant to only play inside the house but i couldn't hide it from the Radio Wheel so i had to add the custom icon for it as well.
Radio will also feature name in the next update.

Tool / Credits / Huge Thanks
Codewalker - Dexyfex,
3ds max,
GIMS EVO - 3Doomer,
Sollumz Plugin for Blender - Skylymz,
Audio Occlusion Generator.

Huge Thanks to
SyntheticOutlaw(GJ19964) for most of images on the walls, his photographs are just way too good.
SyntheticOutlaw in Twitter.

WildBrick142 for porviding
Community hud.gfx for Add-On Radio Stations.

This like any other MLO of mine, it will get updates until it's in the exceptional state, don't lose your hope when you see missing curtains or a crack on the wall, but do let me know bugs if you find game breaking one, in my Discord Server.

[0.5] - initial release
[0.51] - Fixed minor but critical issue, when camera touching window it could sometimes go outside and remove all timecycle effects sometimes even remove interior from the view altogether.
[0.52] - Fixed windows appearing white when in the direct sunlight,
Added decoration to the first bedroom,
Added More decoration to the livingroom,
Fixed duplicate gates and dumpsters(i hope),
Fixed issues that occured with MP Maps enabled
More fixes to the ambient lighting on the 5th floor.
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