Niko Bellic Voice Mod 2.2 [Michael][OIV]




    [Michael] = replaces Michael
    [Franklin] = replaces Franklin
    [Trevor] = replaces Trevor

    So right after my Sadie Adler voice mod
    i decided to create Niko Bellic voice mod
    wasn't as easy but i made it
    and yes i am aware of mod
    Trevor Voice Change To Nikos
    but in it's description it says that it's incomplete therefore i decided to
    build Niko's voice mod from ground up, note that no assets was used from that mod every voice that's in my mod is straight
    from GTA IV and corrected with program to fit GTA V well.

    Join my discord server
    if you'd like to have full GTAV Player Replacement with IV Players.
    Discord Steps > Accept the rules> choose your games > mod is at gta5-modreleases channel when you scroll a bit up

    My YT & my discord = GJGamingBro
    My GTAInside Subway132

    This mod is built to bring the complete Niko Bellic experience from GTA IV to GTA V

    Niko speaks during
    Freeroam obviously
    Golf minigame
    Darts minigame
    Strip club
    Picking up hookers

    When Trevor's voice is replaced
    he also speaks when activating
    Trevor's special Ability

    Niko won't speak during

    meaning that he didn't have any voice line that could fit in the activities listed therefore these voices were removed entirely.

    Michael/Trevor still speaks during scripted events

    Niko's mouth doesn't move right with some words he says.

    Automatic Installation
    Install OpenIV
    Double click on .OIV package and choose mods folder after that it'll install the mod for you

    Suggested mods
    Luis Fernando Lopez Voice Mod
    Johnny Klebitz Voice Mod

    v2.2 Changelog
    In golf Niko said "ah lucky bastard you'll miss with the next one" when other scored good lie, i cut it in half so now he just says "ah lucky bastard".
    In golf Niko said "man i kind of love darts" changed it to "pretty good"
    Changed some darts voices, on other's good game Niko said "well done you've won" changed it to "well played"
    Fixed Strip club flirt single stripper had too many same lines

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