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    Really appreciate this. Something I've been meaning to have a go at myself. I see you are working on a 'Noose' one next but please could you also try and do collisions/resident too as It would freshen up GTA V

    1 giorno fa
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    @eshenk, dude, 'A New GTA' is my favorite mod. Please tell me you are going to update it at some point?

    06 agosto 2022
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    Can't believe I'm complaining that this is free but dude, why are you not charging? Top quality!

    02 luglio 2022
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    @ralph wiggum, vremastered_c_lod.ymap, vremastered_c_7.ymap, forest_s_d_lod.ymap + forest_s_d_5.ymap. Think I only got rid of 4 tree's and their lods in total but a lot less effort than moving the mansion. Speaking of which, I can't get either version of the mansion to load in game, only codewalker :( 5* regardless

    23 giugno 2022
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    Grapeseed is a scaled down version of Bakersfield and neglects the residential areas so I'm really grateful for this. I love adding vegetation and apartments to Sandy Shores but that's based off of Bombay Beach and Salton Sea which are both fairly run down. Can't wait to get on Codewalker and add to this, cheers!

    19 giugno 2022
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    This is a must-have now, I can never go back to vanilla trains, unfortunately, I don't know much about trains so I can't identify which one in particular it is but I'm noticing one of the steam engines I believe, being extremely loud, both the chuffs and whistles whilst i'm in the East Vinewood area. I've had a glance through the files but i'm not sure how i'd go about disabling or changing the volume

    30 maggio 2022
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    Can't test at the minute. Just vanilla vehicles or add-ons too? Great concept regardless

    19 maggio 2022
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    Do you recommend any gameconfig changes? I noticed during the last crash I had was the train passing in Sandy Shores and poolmanager highlighted dummyobjects which was @10k, I usually have it around 40k so i'll see what difference that makes.

    10 maggio 2022
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    'You can use some indoor running devices too and have a jog around Los Santos.' Can anybody elaborate? I assume most people already have most of the gear before they find out about this mod, I would love to jog around Los Santos but not if it's gonna cost me a few hundred dollars

    02 aprile 2022
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    Pack 2 starts with Metallica for me. I only want the Maiden shirt, any suggestions?

    28 marzo 2022