Improved Fort Zancudo [MapEditor] 1.0


A complete overhaul of Fort Zancudo! This mod adds tons of new details, vehicles of all sorts, and easter eggs! It also includes files to add female soldiers to the base, increasing the variety of soldiers and thus the realism. Awesome detail with over 1,800 props, 125 vehicles and 180 peds!

-Dramatically increased the amount of vehicles in the base, including normal cars in parking lots, maintenance vehicles and military vehicles.
-Increased the presence of marines on the base, including those walking around, working out/relaxing, and those on gaurd duty.
-Added many more soldiers and vehicles gaurding the two main entrances to the base.
-Included option to add female soldiers to the base
-Added many minor details to the base, including litter, vending machines, minor landscaping changes, cigarettes, props, and much more
-Added minor details in the immediate vicinity of the base
-Improved realism of the airfield and Fort Zancudo Fire Station
-And More...

This map REQUIRES a map editor of some sort. If you don't have one already, you can install Mapeditor here:
-Map Editor (
This should also work with other map editors such as Menyoo, but your best bet is to use Mapeditor.

I also used some modified ped textures from the Army Diversity Mod by Fedguy ( It's a great mod, you should check it out.

I've included the files required to replace the s_f_y_ranger_01 (female ranger) with the female marine texture from that mod. Replacing this ped adds female marines to the base, increasing the variety of soldiers and therefore the realism. Please note: Using these new textures is NOT required at all for the mod to work! If you decide not to use them, there will be a few normal female rangers about but it won't be a big deal at all. It just adds some variety and makes the base much more realistic. I also did some minor retexturing on said textures, adding knee pads, a modified US flag, a Military Police badge, and poppies. OpenIV is required to install the female marines.

1) Extract all files from the zip into a folder.

2. a) Drag the "improved fort zancudo" XML file into your MAIN Grand Theft Auto V directory (this is the folder with GTAV.exe in it)

2. b) If you want the map to load automatically when the game starts, instead drag the "improved fort zancudo" XML file into the Grand Theft Auto V > scripts > AutoloadMaps folder. If the
folder doesn't exist, create it.

3) Done. If you didn't opt for auto load option, you will have to pull up your map editor and load the mod in whenever you choose.

1) Backup all files as needed.

2) Using OpenIV, navigate to GTAV > mods > x64v.rpf > models > cdimages > componentpeds_s_f_y.rpf

3) Using edit mode, Drag all the files from the componentpeds_s_f_y folder into the componentpeds_s_f_y.rpf directory in OpenIV. Make sure this is in the mods folder.

4) Using OpenIV, navigate to GTAV > mods > x64e.rpf > models > cdimages > pedprops.rpf [NOT x64.v as previously stated, that was wrong]

5) Using edit mode, Drag all the files from the pedprops folder into the pedprops.rpf directory in OpenIV. Make sure this is in the mods folder.

6) Done. Exit edit mode and changes should be saved.

The 'miljet' has a tendency to spawn in the air instead of on the tarmac.

Please report any bugs/improvements that need to be made either on the mod's "comment" section or email me at
If there are any issues regarding installation please also leave a comment.

I recommend installing the M4 mod from blade125, most of the soldiers are equipped with them and it makes it much more realistic (

Thanks again to Fedguy for the soldier retextures. Permission is granted to use them in this mod.

Also you may use any part of this mod for another mod provided it:
1) Is fundamantally changed/added to, and

2) Credit is given.

Thanks and have fun!
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