Realistic Handling for tkOwnz' 70 Firebird 1.0


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I've included three handlings to choose from, one represents the small V8 and 2 speed auto combo available in the base model Firebird, one represents the much more powerful optional big block V8 with the most common 3 speed automatic transmission and last but not least is the Legendary Ram Air Mark IV 400 cubic inch big block V8 available only in the Trans Am and GTO. The Ram Air Mark IV was one of the most aggressive factory muscle car era engines ever produced, capable of propelling the much heftier GTO down the quarter mile in a mere 12 and a half seconds. The Ram Air Mark IV also has one of the most aggressive factory camshafts ever produced making it sound like a radically modified race engine right off the showroom floor. Just like Mopars 426 Hemi and Chevys LS6 454 it is common knowledge that Pontiacs Ram Air Mark IV was under rated for insurance purposes, exactly how much I do not know but when gathering info to write this I put the numbers into a rough HP calculator that is usually correct within about 30 to 40 numbers and it came out at 420 HP. For now I set the car to behave like it has roughly 390 crank HP or about 320 wheel HP and that put it right into the mid 12 second quarter mile area where it should be. If I dig up some more accurate data I will update this handling but In the meantime I've linked a video above in the screenshots showing how awesome a bone stock Ram Air IV sounds so you can hear it yourself.

2 Speed Automatic . . . that's right, a 2 speed.
255 HP
100+ MPH
High to mid 15 second quarter mile times.

3 Speed Automatic
285 HP
110+ MPH

Ram Air IV 400V8
4 Speed Manual
380+ HP
140+ MPH
Mid to low 12 second quarter mile times.

The 1970 to 1981 Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro, otherwise known as the F-body platform to muscle car enthusiasts are widely regarded as some of the most aerodynamic and best handling American muscle cars ever made and thus became a highly popular and highly desired starting point for a race car build. In the years following its release the F-body would gain vast popularity among small time "round track" racers both asphalt and dirt alike for it's remarkably good handling and aerodynamic performance. In fact the cars performed so well right off the showroom floor that many racers only had to swap tires and install the required safety equipment to be highly competitive in entry level oval racing classes.
The 70-81 F-bodies exceptional handling can be attributed to its reasonably wide track width, low center of gravity, good aerodynamics and a fairly lightweight well balanced rigid uni-body with front and rear sub-frames. The F-body Pontiac Trans Am has one notable aerodynamic advantage over the F-body Chevy Camaro and that is a set of small panels in front of each tire that help guide air over the wide front and rear wheels that would otherwise be sticking out of the Camaro or Base model Firebirds bodies. The 1970-1981 Pontiac Trans Am is so aerodynamic that one with a bone stock body can be seen going over 220 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats on episode 20 of Roadkill! Although engine performance decreased noticeably through the mid to late 70's the bodily structure and appearance of the F platform, as well as its track proven suspension would rightfully remain unchanged for just over a decade making this body style one of the most common and affordable muscle cars of all time as well as one of the best handling.

Inverse power by IKT is a must have mod if you are sick of the game letting off the gas for you in the middle of a slide.
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My realistic surface traction overhaul mod is another must have for a more challenging and realistic driving experience on all terrain types.
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