Realistic Handling for Greenaid's 1986 Silverado 2.0


Version 1.5 changes the power level from crank horsepower to wheel horsepower, this means more accurate speeds and acceleration as well as a more realistic and more noticeable difference between automatic and manual transmissions.

Version 2.0 brings major updates to the physics of the truck with traction, center of gravity, and body/suspension behavior all completely reworked for increased realism. Weight is now properly biased to the front as a pickup should be and you will occasionally see the inside rear tire come off the ground under high G forces. The three speed auto and damage options have been temporarily disabled until I can update them.

Get the truck here:

Like most other old pickup trucks the third generation 1973-1987 Chevy C/K pickup line was manufactured with a rather heavy yet heavy duty "body on frame" design allowing the vehicle to haul and tow exceptionally heavy loads for a truck it's size, while also making it quite durable and somewhat resistant to shock and impact.
4WD models were equipped with heavy duty front leaf spring suspension and a heavy duty solid front axle with manual locking hubs as well as a two-speed dual range transfer case allowing the driver to select between 2 and 4 wheel drive and Hi and Lo gearing ranges.
Several engines were available in the 73-87 Chevy pickup line ranging from efficient reliable inline six cylinders to large powerful big block V8s,
for simplicity's sake I've only included the two most common engines and the two most common transmissions.
Available in this handling mod is the 350 5.7L small block V8 and the 454 7.4L big block V8 both available with either a 4 speed manual or 3 speed auto.
I've included two levels of deformation damage to choose from, Soft and Hard. The Hard setting is closer to vanilla GTAV and the Soft setting is somewhat realistic. I would like to have added slightly more deformation damage but then the bumpers and wheel hubs would be damaged far too easily.

350 V8
200HP 100+ MPH

454 V8
300HP 110+ MPH

Some credit goes to Cheng63 because his bison handling was used for Greenaid's add on.

Installation instructions are included in the readme.

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