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    But in version 41 giving more NPC health works for hitting them with vehicles. I play now ENT 41.

    06 agosto 2023
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    I set peds health to 10,000 and enabled showing their health. If i shoot then, i see health e. g. 9,950 but if i hit then with a vehicle i see their health 30. So health is default if we hit then with vehicles, peds have increased health only for shooting them. The same bug in ENT version 47.

    03 agosto 2023
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    Where is ped health in openIV?

    11 luglio 2023
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    Tapping F9 doesn't show anything. Zip file doesn't have GTACOOPSettings.xml for scripts folder and it wasn't created when i launched the game.
    Edit: you dork, all files from zip must be moved into scripts folder, not root!

    30 aprile 2023
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    I did everything (i have Open IV) but ray gun didn't appear in the game. I still see vintage pistol, shooting with it is the same.

    13 aprile 2023
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    Where in Street Racing.dll is name and value of cars' strength? I'd like to make them completely invincible. I know that there's something about that in Street Racing.dll or in NativeUI.dll because during races cars are stronger than cars in traffic.

    26 febbraio 2023
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    Show menyoo ModelHash for every object. And then enable to search for this code, e. g. i would type 2ef52fc7 into search filed and your site would show object for this code. Because i want to edit objects in .xml.

    11 febbraio 2023
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    Can i change colors or textures of objects placed with map editor in GTA V single player?

    05 febbraio 2023
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    Let someone create a wiki site with all objects list in groups (e. g. for racing) in order to find then faster. Map Editor has over 5000 objects.

    29 novembre 2022
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    @azzman_01 F7 doesn't work for me either. For official 2.13 version F7 worked. Do i need newer scriptHookV and 'dotnet? In version.txt i see , don't know version of what is this.

    06 novembre 2022