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    @lucasvinbr Thanks! I found the list of controls and have gotten really used to this mod. I've now added several OG gangs (Vagos, Ballas, etc.,), changed their peds and added vehicles. This is a great mod, made me want to start playing GTA again.

    19 novembre 2019
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    By far my favorite mod so far. I have found that add-on characters work and can be added to your gang and it saves the outfit/face/skin. No issues with crashing. One thing I haven't tried yet is adding add-on vehicles. One question though: is there a guide to the script so that I can more accurately edit and add gangs? I would also remove the grenade launcher and rpg from every gang in the gangmod file. Fighting 50+ AI with rocket launchers and grenade launchers is annoying lol. THANKS FOR AN AWESOME MOD!!!

    13 novembre 2019
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    Has compatibility issues with online apartments. Walls and floors don't show up. If I remove OpenInteriors and Online Apartments mod, the ymap loads no problem. The house is really nice but unfortunately I dont use it anymore :( . I think it's more an issue with the other mods than this one.

    06 novembre 2019
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    Very good. Long track, I was surprised at first but this sir is a good one!

    04 novembre 2019