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  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    @ImNotMentaL awesome mod dude, thank you for the time taken to make it.
    I have a suggestion, is there any way to stop cars spawning in certain areas? So for example maybe only having cars spawn in VEH_RICH and VEH_MID areas rather than them spawning in the desert areas where its just trailers etc?
    Or idea 2, maybe have a list for each type of car that can spawn in that certain area so VEH_SALT has offroad type vehicles only, VEH_RICH etc only has supercars etc. Just an idea but great mod!

    19 maggio 2020
  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    And have just found that some of the houses up in Vinewood are completely invisible. The hitbox is still there but the model itself is gone. Although you can see the interior of the safehouse. The only things that remain from the outer model are all the prop assets.

    16 maggio 2020
  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    @ImNotMental So, having done further testing, if you enter the garage with a car and then save your game in the apartment and then reload the save (so you spawn inside the apartment) your cars are now visually visible. However if you spawn in right after the game has been launched from Steam your vehicles won't be visible again.
    This has been tested and works with Persistence II and without it. Works the same way for both instances.
    I have also noticed that the marker for your character to edit the vehicles etc in your garage only loads in properly AFTER you have saved and reloaded the game. So, perhaps this is something to do with how the apartments are loaded in?

    16 maggio 2020
  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    @ImNotMental Firstly, let me say thank you for this mod! It gives Singleplayer a much better feeling!
    I'm not sure if you work on this anymore but I have noticed the following bugs:
    1. When you buy an apartment and reload a savegame to before the purchase, you still own it.
    2. When exiting a car in the garage it does not save visually, though it is in the list of cars, but you cannot enter it or see it. (Although this might be because I use your Persistence II mod)
    3. You can sell cars you have stolen in your garage to LSC (although I kinda like this!) Not sure if this is a bug but thought I'd mention it.

    16 maggio 2020
  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    @Pslytely Psycho awesome! Already high respect even higher now! :D

    01 maggio 2020
  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    @ImNotMentaL Is this mod compatible with your Persistence2 mod as they both have their own Metadata.dll and Metadata.pdb files... Any chance to make them compatible if not?

    19 aprile 2020
  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    Man, blown away by how good this looks. Love the grounding of it in the game world.

    18 aprile 2020
  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    I have tried YMAP conversion however unfortunately some of the props used... Most of them infact do not appear which is the issue I have had. If anybody else in the community can do it on my behalf that would be amazing!

    And you can't NOT teleport because each prop has an area where it has to load from and only loads from that area, so some props are from Michael's neck of the woods and some are from further afield which is why you teleport twice.

    17 aprile 2020
  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    @kingneak85 Sorry not replied my man, have had loads of IRL things happening and not been able to get on here to see what's what. However just hopped onto my game and can confirm all the doors etc work as intended, so don't know how to help, also my cars that I have saved have not fallen through the floors, however I use San Andreas Exotic Traffic as well as Persistence II mod by I'm Not MentaL. So can confirm it works with those mods.
    @sinzhype Thanks for trying to help him out! Muchly appreciated!

    18 luglio 2019
  • F62d0f youtubechannellogo

    @gta5testya thanks a lot, very much appreciated!

    22 giugno 2019