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  • 50a874 capture

    Hey there I seem to be having an issue with the "SAVEDAMAGE" ini option, whenever i leave the area of a saved vehicle that's been damaged or restart the game that same vehicle restores back to a fixed state. Other than that the mod works great!

    18 giugno 2021
  • 50a874 capture

    Works great on my end! looks like you have to have a couple patches like the Heap-loader and a new game-config to stop and reduce the crashing with the mod. Anyone who's wondering about a quick way to delete vehicles, just go to the mod folder and delete the saved vehicle xml file corresponding to the car you don't want anymore.

    04 giugno 2021
  • 50a874 capture

    Love the Mod! just a question though, when making your own skins how do you turn off the blue hint for the HUD? I've looked in both the "default" folder and the "default-drag" folder and they both show as white in the previews, but in game they show as blue. Also can the resolution be be upped higher without any issues? Again thank-you for the mod, your doing gods work :D

    03 giugno 2021