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  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic


    4 giorni fa
  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic
  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic

    This file has been approved automatically. If you think this file should not be here for any reason please report it.

    01 aprile 2024
  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic

    @sjaak327 After spawning about half of the number of vehicles in the game, the menu goes completely bright green, like this:

    29 marzo 2024
  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic

    @Silentm503 They have the Penaud logos still on them, even though the car is an Annis

    16 marzo 2024
  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic
  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic
    Commento fissato

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    17 febbraio 2024
  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic

    @HKH191, This is really nice, and this is a nice and fresh take on this type of mod concept. I've been using the original Drag Meets mod for quite some time, and I have a few thoughts/suggestions I'd like to share. Do what you will with them:

    -It might be better to wait until the cars come to a full stop before fading back after races, so the finishes aren't so abrupt.
    -Adding a feature for randomized vehicle upgrades could make things even more interesting.
    -Please make the big red blip (the one with the name and time) disappear or move it further away from the start line when you start a meet, because of immersion reasons and it facing through the cars.
    -The teleporting mechanic feels a bit immersion-breaking. I get why it is done like this (the game's AI is pretty terrible/unpredictable), but imho I prefer how it's done with the older DragMeets script, it's a lot more immersive.
    -Some kind of cinematic cam would be nice, the old DragMeets had that (pointing the gun at the starting lady enabled the cinematic camera).
    -Bug: When I leave a meet ONLY while a race is in progress, all the blips disappear on the map, so it requires me to reload the script as I'm unable to start a different meet.

    I hope you take some of these suggestions into account. Let me know if you need more info.

    16 febbraio 2024
  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic
  • 7433f6 funny la noire pic

    @adopcalipt I still have the chat, session list, and username flicker issue, even though this apparently was fixed a few updates ago?

    Also have a question, does this mod support add-on vehicles?

    Besides that, still a cool script, I love watching the battles and chaos unfold in front of me.

    27 gennaio 2024