The North Yankton
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  • Dd0077 peekerj

    Didn't work. When i try to spawn them using Model Names it says Invalid Model.

    3 giorni fa
  • Dd0077 peekerj

    @thebegin10 Maybe i do. Try to make the fire and smoke effect come out of engines on all the GTA Aircrafts. It's made for Passanger Plane but it would be more cool if the smoke on other planes wouldn't come from the body part. Also try to make such a fire script for helicopters without the added bursting smoke. That's all i would recommend and thank you for making such a great mod

    3 giorni fa
  • Dd0077 peekerj

    Everything seems cool as i've read the comments, but i don't think it'll work well with 3GB ram and NVIDIA GeForce GT 630. And also i'm unable to download the files beacuse the MEGA doesn't allow me to complete the installation. There's a 5 hours delay time beacuse of the size and out of storage. But anyway, will it work good with 3GB ram and NVIDIA GeForce GT 630?

    28 agosto 2021
  • Dd0077 peekerj

    The Mod is perfect. I want to know how did you do that. And if i can get that Fire Effect in Menyoo? Well i look future to your mods beacuse i personally love this one and i've been using it all the time with my friends.

    18 luglio 2021