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  • Lester

    @ALEXSYS I would recommend that you remove all script mods (LUA, Rage Plugin Hook, Script Hook ASI and Script Hook .NET) and start afresh. I have only faced Object reference error once when I was using Rage Plugin Hook. So it is most probably an incompatible mod.
    Try adding mods one at a time and see if everything works.

    3 giorni fa
  • Lester

    @Fenrir1974 Fine, will add

    7 giorni fa
  • Lester

    @pakzproducer Try with the new version (1.1). Also are you using Rage Plugin Hook?

    20 maggio 2023
  • Lester

    @ALEXSYS Make sure you have installed the mod and the requirements correctly. I will post an update tomorrow with some bug fixes, try then.

    18 maggio 2023
  • Lester

    @hunjohnd4t4 When adding a new CabType make sure there are no Empty "Vehicle" or "Ped" tags because that might cause an error. And there is no limit to the number of Vehicle or Ped models you can add.
    - And if you are referring to a particular Vehicle model not spawning, the models are selected at random, cancel the cab and try your luck a few more times ; )
    - And yes I know the driving of GTA V is rough sometimes but there's nothing much I can do to fix that, I have set the same values which Vanilla GTA V Taxi service uses. I recommend using the "Skip" feature when the route taken is long. I can add an option in future to change the Skip charge

    18 maggio 2023
  • Lester

    @Aiakos A pimp mod like this can be done easily (since this one no longer works). But if you want it with animations and other details, that'll take some time.

    @agostino_1999 Have you enabled PLAYENTER option in the ini? Because in that case the pole dance start position also changes. It'll be helpful for me to debug the issue if you could share a recording. You can dm me on discord (PIXELBIT#1055)

    @-EcLiPsE- I don't exactly know how to spawn the sig so I skipped the animation, I could use Scenario for that but then it selects a random animation and there is no enter and exit animation for that. Might add in future if I figure out a solution.

    @loginos Might be an edge case that I forgot to handle. I might add some kind of Wanted level mechanic in the future.

    @V3ry_H1GH Control numbers are just for my script reference, Here's the list of controls and their corresponding keys I just realised there's no default keybind for MP_CHAT_ALL for controllers, you can probably change that to INPUT_SKIP_CUTSCENE or what ever you like

    14 aprile 2023
  • Lester

    @Zagijohan Have you set PLAYENTER to true in the ini? Is Lap Dance Option available?

    13 aprile 2023
  • Lester

    @TheRuler666 It's Natural Vision Evolved

    @Papfibrochill I never faced no message error, maybe I can increase the time message is displayed on screen. You can also check previous messages by going in the "Brief" in the pause menu.
    - And as for the engine starting I'll see what I can do to fix that.

    @SflydnYt Check if the requirements are installed (LemonUI, SHV, SHV.NET), if it still doesn't work dm me on discord (PIXELBIT#1055) with the error message that you are getting

    13 aprile 2023
  • Lester

    @Fenrir1974 @Papfibrochill @agostino_1999 Vehicle teleport bugs should be fixed in v1.1
    @onizuka42 v1.1 should now load for you as well

    12 aprile 2023
  • Lester

    Yoo! @skeeze415 came in clutch and made an installation video. Thanks bro!
    @onizuka42 please checkout his video (uploaded on the mod page also). Hope it'll help

    11 aprile 2023