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    Oh well that was fast!
    Thanks bro!
    And yes, I'm using drive modes already (though it does take a while getting a good grasp on what everything does in there) and is what I had to use to make bikes useable until now!

    But thanks for letting me know about ftractioncurve, I'll give those a go and see what happens!
    Though again, I've been using your mod with the vanilla handling (though I also use a lot of addon cars, but from the more vanilla-ish packs such as vanillaworks (which is why I don't wanna mess with other handling.meta mods)) and it's been working great for most cars by simply tuning down RealGripLossIntensity! But I'll give the original values a go and tune down ftractioncurve and see what happens!

    Oh well hehe, see above, I found out about RealGripLossIntensity all by myself, which made rear heavy (I'm guessing?) rear wheel drive super or muscle cars such as the bullet and the phoenix/ruiner driveable (and very enjoyable too!) though I felt like decreasing it to 0.25 was already 'too low' because I really don't mind it drifting a bit still (they are pretty powerful cars after all aren't they)

    But yeah for those very heavy 4WD cars I'm having issues with, I'll give your suggestions a go and I'll get back at you!
    Thanks a lot for the quick support and shit dude, you're doing god's work!

    11 aprile 2020
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    Oh and though it also seem to behave weirdly with (some) 4WD cars?
    Especially the landstalker and the... something something XL, that one huge off-road/SUV jimmy (michael's son) buys off of simeon at the start of the game, those two cars seem nearly undriveable because of how little they seem to be able to turn with this mod on and you're forced to use the handbrake to go anywhere

    Other cars work flawlessly though, can't get enough of driving those muscle cars now

    11 aprile 2020
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    This thing is fantastic (though a bit too drifty, at least on gamepad, so I adjusted some settings in the INI) and driving cars feel so much better now without having to mess around with vehicle handler replaces that will more often than not fuck up other mods (if not the entire game) so thank you so much for this, though I have to say, could it be possible to get this mod to only work on cars/trucks and not on bikes?

    Because it makes bikes practically pointless for some(?) reason, they seem to not be able to drift at all and that causes them to 1) not be able to turn nearly as well as in vanilla (even less at low speed?) and 2) slows them down quite a bit

    If you could have a setting in the INIs that toggle the mod on or off for bikes, that would be fantastic
    Absolutely great mod otherwise, can't see me playing without it anymore

    11 aprile 2020
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    So huhhhhhh, how should I go about installing this nowadays?
    Do I really need to install those files into the game's common.rpf or can I make a 'common' folder into the 'mods' folder and it'll work fine?
    Or maybe even just install it into update.rpf?

    I'm really not sure this mod is worth having to backup a 60+ gigs game

    08 aprile 2020
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    @Daimian Oh okay! Cool stuff, thanks for the clarification!

    08 aprile 2020
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    This mod is glorious, great job bud
    Gotta ask though, what does the 'chase time' option does exactly?

    08 aprile 2020
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    Hey, I was going to give this a go but noticed that I already have dispatch of variety installed, which changes a lot of the files you change too (sadly)
    But I'm wondering if you could tell me which files and setting(s) affects the distance at which helicopters spawn?

    Because that's something that quite pisses me off with dispatch of variety and better chases (and to some extent the vanilla game too), the helicopters always spawn so close to you you're basically fucked unless you have a fast enough vehicle or a bunch of walls next to you, leading to even 'simple' 3 star chases lasting half an hour or more to evade

    And what about those stealth components;
    - Decreased identification range for all AI to emulate realistic hiding in cars.
    - Increased the size of the players last known position search radius drastically. Emulating realistic police behaviours searching for the player.
    - Police despawn further away to emulate police investigating your last known position for longer at a greater distance.
    - All crimes reported immediately starts hidden evasion timers, allowing the player to escape from the crime scene, and makes it so cops have to search the area instead of automatically locating the player.
    - All crimes now have to be witnessed and be reported to the police.
    - Witnesses take longer to dial 911.
    - Emergency services, such as ambulances and the fire department take much longer to respond to the scene. Making stealth kills more immersive.

    I love the idea behind all this, I'm just scared of replacing dispatch of variety's files leading to the game not spawning all those cool new cars and events and stuff it spawns!

    07 aprile 2020
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    This mod is fantastic and I hope it gets better and better, this is the kind of shit that's missing in this game compared to the previous GTAs, like the paramedic and vigilante missions, this is really good fun

    Of course the phone thing can get pretty annoying, so as the others above have said, please make it toggleable or change the way it works (or even just make it so we have to wait for twice/three times as long for it to activate or something instead of what it is now)

    06 aprile 2020
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    @lucasvinbr I mean yeah, realistically speaking, that's how it should happen, a gang gets big enough and snowballs out of control and wipes the other gangs easily enough, and the more they would control the more money they can spend on more and more upgrades etc, but realism =/= fun, it's more fun to have to pay attention to several different gangs than having to only fight that same one that uses the exact same guns all the time because they would've snowballed completely out of control and easily wiped the other gangs, which is something that happens every single time I started a new game with a fresh install of this mod (though while messing around with the modoptions.xml), gangs that have the 'more expansions' AI setting will ALWAYS grab a dozen new hoods whenever I'd spend an hour or so on doing the missions instead of completely focusing on them, which easily nets them TONS of money (though this is exactly why I'm messing around so much with the modoption's settings) which leads to them having the money to get the big guns AND upgrade their members AND still have more than enough to keep expanding

    Though it's not THAT big of an issue, I just find it sad that the game starts out with so many gangs controlling different zones and yet it always ends the same way, with me either going toe to toe with the ballas or with the marabuta grande guys (since I use renlou's gang file) since both of those gangs use that 'more expansions' setting

    I just feel like, the bigger your gang is, the more work and resources you'd have to sink into it, controlling an entire city shouldn't be as easy as just winning a couple gang wars early and then snowballing your way to the top with barely anything getting in your way, the more hoods you have the more weapons you'd have to provide/buy, as well as cars and what have you, which is why I was thinking I needed to tinker with 'rewardmultiplierperzone' and put it in the negatives, that way you start out with enough money to comfortably expand, but if you get too big too fast you won't be able to handle it and your gang will stagnate since no upgrades/weapons and it would give those gangs that focus more on upgrading their turfs and members somewhat of a chance too

    Though it's probably due to me trying to make this mod into a 'part of the game' as a whole instead of the kind of 'gamemode' it is right now since you have to spend so much time on it (not that it matters that much I mean, even if you completely ignore it from start to finish, the game works fine after all)

    Oh and finally, two more things to add to those notes of yours; maybe a way to completely freeze the entire mod when a cutscene starts and/or during missions?
    Gang members spawning during missions is fine (even with the aggressive/very aggressive behaviors), but I've had them spawn during cutscenes and there's nothing like seeing a gangster's butt waving around while trying to use his knife on franklin during the entire madrazo cutscene, and sometimes they actually get in the way and softlock you (had a enemy car block me inside of the garage where you repair amanda's car after the yacht steal mission because he drove inside of the garage while the cutscene was running and drove over the mechanic so I had to restart the game)
    And that leads to some possible exploits/bugs too because of the 'retry' mechanic if you die on a mission; all the money you get from your hoods during said mission disappear if you die and retry (obviously), but not only that but if you buy a weapon during a mission and die/retry, then your money will be back too (while the weapon will still be bought) etc etc
    Not so bad once you know it's a thing though, just letting you know

    And second thing; A fourth aggressiveness setting?
    Basically I'd like it to be somewhat random, aka: most members would ignore you the way they do when they're set on 'defensive' while some others would shoot on sight (you, or the cops, or both)
    Then up to you to decide whether that would get all those guys that are set on defensive to aggro you, or whether they would only aggro you after YOU would go after the guy that's going after you

    Okay I swear this is the last wall I'm writing you, mod is great!

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    06 aprile 2020
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    @44JuLiaN Sure, if the author is cool with it?
    Though I'm still in the middle of testing weird stuff right now, and the last patch slowed me down (new .exe fucked me over and had to wait for scripthook update)

    @lucasvinbr Cool, good to know!
    Because here's another suggestion; an option to make taking hoods cost more the more hoods you already control, that would probably stop gangs from snowballing out of control from the get go (because obviously, the more hoods they have the more they can take because money money money)
    Though this way is okay too, it's just a bit awkward since I made taking hoods cost a bunch of money, money you can't have until a bit later into the game (unless you start out with settings giving you a (or multiple) hood(s) to start with, like with renlou's gang file so you can earn some cash from the get go)
    So this way is fine if you install the mod during mid-game, or flat out easy if you install it on a late game save with millions in the bank, but you can't do much with hoods if you start a fresh game with the mod installed

    But yeah take your time, game isn't going anywhere (worst case I'll just use this to finally learn how to code myself since you made this open source!)

    05 aprile 2020