the shack on the island north east of Grapeseed
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  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    Manual Transmission was compatible with 1.4, what happened?

    1 giorno fa
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    Awesome idea! Does calling Little Jacob work in modded maps like Liberty City and SF/LV? Would love to see that, so that I could actually buy weapons in these maps!

    4 giorni fa
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    fixed my issue, turns out I was just missing the updated soundandLogos folder. all good now!

    5 giorni fa
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    Mod seems to crash when I press U... any ideas? I can submit logs and whatnot if you need me to!

    7 giorni fa
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    @dani703q Any luck with the new update? Forgive my impatience! 🤣

    8 giorni fa
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    @dani703q yeah, the wheel to key bind is what I was gonna use. I just wanted to map put on and take off seatbelt both to U or something so that I only have to bind the one key. 🤣 Thanks for working on my suggestions so quickly, looking forward to the update!

    9 giorni fa
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    @dani703q yeah, that'd be great! I also have two more suggestions, if they're not too hard. 1, I'd love to be able to remap the controls. I use a logitech steering wheel, so being able to map the seatbelt on/off to different keyboard keys would be great! 2, I'ts great that people can't pull you out while your seatbelt is on, but I'd love an option to make it so that you yourself can't exit the vehicle until your seatbelt is off. It's great for immersion, but some people may find it annoying, which is why it should probably be an option in an ini file. Again, thanks so much for your fantastic work!

    13 ottobre 2021
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    the fact that I cant be dragged out while wearing the seatbelt is awesome. good work!

    12 ottobre 2021
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    @oldnapalm Excellent work! But this mod comes bundled with and requires use of an older version of Newtonsoft.json.dll, making it incompatible with mods like PlayerCompanion and FoodShops. I was wondering if it would be possible to make this mod compatible with the latest Newtonsoft.json.dll, so that it would become compatible? Thanks for keeping this mod alive!

    09 ottobre 2021
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    @BrandonYeets Glad to hear a fix is coming! I knew about Option Three in the texture installation, I was talking about slightly darker textures for option 1. But like I said, looking forward to the update!

    26 settembre 2021