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Actually now i'm writing some basic tutorial to create GTA V Mod. If you want to learn some basic about:
- Scripting
- Creating a Vehicle mod
- Texture editing
- Messing with RPF file
You can check on my new blog below here:

-ALOT of animations
-More vehicles
-More trade partners

-Bug fixed (alot)
-More stable prices

-[NEW] You can sell any Law enforcer vehicles to them,
-[NEW] Hydra is accepted here,
-[NEW] Rhino is accepted here,
-[NEW] Police patrols is accepted here,
-Add more operational days so you can do more business
-Mafia Syndicate now operate on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
-Street racer now operate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
-VR46 now operate on Saturday and Sunday,
-Car dealer now operate from Thursday to Sunday.
-To see the list you have press "L" AT EACH TRADER LOCATION.
-Add 5 more cars for Mafia Syndicate
-Add 5 more cars for Car Dealer
-Add 6 more cars for Ride or Die Streetrace
-Initial release


Please be remembered when i say "Tricky" then "Tricky" it is. With this vehicle business now you can't just sell cars and bikes as you like and walk in a park for a hard cold cash.

If you still think and even hope you can make easy money with selling any vehicles to car dealers, please forget about that now and wake up.

In a simple word this mod allows you to sell vehicles but:
1. You can choose who you want to trade with (more on next version):
- Escalavia Drug Cartel
- Car dealer
- Vale 46 motorclub
- Mafia Syndicate
- Ride or Die Street Race
2. Each of them have their own payment methods (Not just getting money transferred),
3. Each of them have their own consequences,
4. Each of them have their own specific vehicle list of needs,
5. Each of them have their own operational hours,
6. Each of them open their own operational days,
7. You can only see their icon on map ONLY if they are open,
8. You will received notification from them if they are open,
9. Press "L" at each trader location to see vehicle list.
10. Since the vehicle prices are balanced. If you buy any vehicles on the internet and sell it to any trader you want you will gain benefits

-Installing this mod together with "Life Is Not That Easy" by //mrchazta will absolutely make this mod more exiting since you have to think thorough before stealing vehicles.
-I made this mod with Vanilla models. I don't guarantee if this will work with replaced vehicles because i never tested it.

TRADE PARTNER (more on next version)
- Escalavia Drug Cartel.
Please be alert that you are not dealing with ordinary bad guys here. This drug cartel is serious just like another word of "the real deal". You can supply them any law enforcer vehicles. includes HYDRA and RHINO. Their prices are speechless, but it has to wait until you got yourself clean from those "Blue spirits" that chasing you. They don't pay with money. They pay with a lot of diamonds. You have to sell those diamonds at International Jewelery Exchange marked on your map. If you need serious money then deal with serious peoples. One more thing, just take care of your self and don't get busted or dead when you still carrying those ices or you'll have a freakin' lucky day in your life. Good luck with this.

- Car dealer
Well, i think you knew it. Car dealer and that's mean it is legit, safe and no anoying sirens
on your tail. The price is standard.
Open from Thursday to Sunday from 8 AM until 17 PM.

- Mafia Syndicate
The name mentioned their self. Yes, you are dealing with Mafia here, not just ordinary
car dealer. The price is real high and also "Hairy". They need some fast and elite cars for their
operation and you can sell them any vehicle on their list. Please behave your self when you
are chased by Five-O slaping some carbine rifles on your a**.
Open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 15 PM until 23 PM.

- Ride or Die Streetclub
They are street racer. Helping them supply any car means you're getting involved on their ilegal
street activities and that is an absolutely a job for police. The price is good and you have to
pay it with some stars.
Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 15 PM until 23 PM.

- Vale 46 Motorclub
Yes, VR46 is my fav rider ever ever and ever. Vale 46 Motorclub now in town. Since their member
need bikes then it's your chance to sell them what they need. The price is standard but you
don't have to deal with Popo's and no stars at all. It is safe.
Open on Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM until 17 PM.
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