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Best experienced with VWE 2.0 and World of Variety.

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Update - 0.5
This update mostly contains fixes and improvements. It also brings the Barn finds, wrecked cars that will spawn in the fitting areas. You can get them fixed with a towtruck or getting them to an LS Customs.

An experimental minigame (WereCars) can be triggered with the "lwwerecar". It uses your last vehicle.
It was planned to be a Halloween surprise, but... well. Late to the party.

Update - 0.4.1
This update removes a few debug notifications I left on without noticing. :P

Update - 0.4
This update fixes the random freezes and includes a few vehicles from Smuggler's Run and Gunrunning.

Traffic Update - 0.3
This update adds a better traffic injector and improves existing traffic, focusing on air, water and big vehicles like trucks.

A lot of air and water based add-on vehicles are now supported by default, mostly civilian boats and planes. I'm currently working on the list below, come back in a few hours for a complete list.

You can check this new functionality by entering "lwtraffictest" as a cheat.

Gang Update
This update adds gang drivebys in gang areas.

Hunter Update
This update adds Hunters in the wilderness areas. Also, you may find animal trophies in pickups near Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores.

Wouldn't you like to see stuff happen? This script makes stuff happen!

More specifically, it makes the game non-player characters interact with the world around them. Peds will use parked cars, taxis will pick up people, criminals will set up shady deals in quiet areas out of sight, emergency services will be more active, etc.

It also injects Add-On cars into traffic.

Add-On vehicles support
- Widebody Tempesta
- Banshee 900hybrid
- Gauntlet Hellhound
- E109
- Blista Time Attack
- Drift Tampa V2 (both)
- Futo JTCC
- Crowd Runner
- Elegy RZ
- Widebody Vacca
- 9F Street Runner
- Roadkiller
- 1st Gen Burrito
- Rancher Stepside
- STD Stanier

To be expanded in the future. If you want Lively World to use/inject specific cars you have installed, go to LivelyWorld.xml and add them there.

Other reccomended mods
- VWE 2.0
- World of Variety
- Realism Dispatch Enhanced
Any other population mods will also benefit from this script.

This proyect is in early stages, expect bugs and barebones features. Wait until 1.0 if you want the full experience.

  • Peds will now interact more with their surroundings
  • Unique events can now happen, all of them dynamically placed and non-intrusive. You can interact with them or let them develop by themselves.
  • Add-On vehicle injector, so you can have your favorite cars spawn naturally in traffic
  • Other vehicle improvements

Current Scenarios/Events
  • People interacting with parked cars
  • Gang Drivebys
  • Carjackers
  • Racers
  • Tuned cars exiting Benny's Original Motorworks
  • Taxis picking up people
  • Drug deals
  • Emergency vehicles rushing to unknown emergencies (unrelated to you)

Planned Scenarios/Events
  • Ambient Street Races
  • Offroad vehicles in countryside
  • People camping
  • Hunters
  • Store robberies
  • Muggers
  • Gang activity (drive-bys, shootouts)
  • Police activity (Raids, traffic stops, chases, prisoner transports, convoys)

All files go into (GTA V Folder)/Scripts/.
If you don't have it, congratulations, this is your first script.
Create it.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest

- Small hotfix regarding blackisted areas (events won't spawn in the army base or the airport)
- Fixed game crash (tow events fault)
- Improved Carjacker
- Added Gang Drivebys
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