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"Look, you wake up one day and your legs, they just give, and you just can't run anymore." - Michael De Santa

This mod allows for hold outs against cops as a viable strategy to lose a wanted level.

Each level has a set amount of cops to clear before further dispatches stop, indicated by the bar underneath the stars on the HUD. Clear all remaining cops to drop your wanted level.

Backup arrives periodically and partially refills the number of cops.

There are 21 configurable settings to experiment with and suit your preferences. The config file is checked periodically so you don't have to reload all your scripts to change a setting.

It has been tested to work with ScriptHookVDotNet 3.1.0 and ScriptHookVDotNet 2.10.10.

You can receive the latest updates, support, and send suggestions for mods on the SilverFinish Discord Server.

Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET

Configurable Options

CopsBase (Base number of cops to clear to stop further dispatches for each wanted level)
CopsMinimum (Minimum cop number - use negative values to enable for longer grace periods)
CopsRemoveEvaded (Decrease cop number for despawned alive cops)

WantedClear (Clear wanted level when there are no cops remaining)
WantedDecrease (Wanted level stars to decrease when there are no cops remaining)
WantedClearReset (Reset cop number to base when wanted level is cleared)

SoundEnable (Toggles sound effects)

BackupEnable (Toggles backup functionality)
BackupCops (Cops to add for each wanted level)
BackupFraction (Maximum cop number fraction before backup can be activated)
BackupPause (Pause backup progress when cops are searching for the player)

DisplayEnable (Toggles status display)
Display (Base camera field of view)
Display X/Y/Width/Height (Adjust display position and size)
DisplayCops (Displays cop number next to status)
Colors (Customize colors)

.NET Developers

Integrate your scripts with this mod! Documentation


  • Copy FiniteCops.dll and FiniteCops.ini to scripts folder
  • Open FiniteCops.ini in a text editor to configure preferences


  • This mod toggles dispatch - expect inconsistencies with other mods that affect this.
  • Before removing the mod mid-game, it is advised to reload scripts without a wanted level to prevent dispatch staying off.

Change Log

  • Added public methods and SDK dll files (for SHVDN 2.10.0 and 3.1.0) to enable developers to integrate with this mod: IsDispatchEnabled, GetCopNumber, GetCopNumberMin, GetCopNumberMax, IsPedTracked, SetCopNumber, TrackCustomPed. Access documentation here.

  • Added WantedDecrease preference that overrides WantedClear and decreases the wanted level by a set amount of stars when no cops are remaining.
  • Disabled backup pausing when dispatch is disabled and no cops are remaining.
  • INI file replacement is required.

  • Release.
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