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Dashcam V is a RageHook plugin that simulates emergency vehicle dashcams used in real life.

Note: An unfortunate downside to the method of centering the camera is that you cannot freely rotate it. In terms of immersion, however, it makes sense because most dashcams do not rotate. In light of this, the dashcam no longer replaces the first person vehicle view, so you can use it whenever you desire.

- Grayscale filter: looks like the department's on a tight budget
- Two layouts: a regular dashcam layout and a remake of Sniper296's IVDashCam layout
- Remote view: view your vehicle's dashcam while on foot by pressing Ctrl + E or the Left Thumbstick + Left Shoulder
- Dynamic unit numbers
- Configurable settings: use the .ini file to adjust the following...
- Unit number/name
- Department name/colour/logo
- Imperial/metric
- Date format
- Layout style
- Remote view controls (both gamepad and keyboard)
- Grayscale filter

1. Download & install the latest RagePluginHook from if you haven't already.
2. Pick a folder. If you like the vanilla agencies, pick lore-friendly. Otherwise, pick real agencies.
3. Drag & drop "DashcamV.dll" and "DashcamV.ini" into the Plugins folder of your GTA V directory.
4. Using OpenIV, place the logos.ytd in update\update.rpf\x64\textures\script_txds.rpf (use your mods folder if you have it).
Find and open the file "startup.rphs". Once you open the file, start a new line and put LoadPlugin "DashcamV.dll".
This will make the modification automatically load when you start the game. If you do not want the modification to automatically load, launch the game and press F4. Once you see a panel, put in what you see above.

- When entering a vehicle that you left on dashcam view, your view will reset

- 2.2.0 - Fixed crashing on RPH 0.39, fixed plugin not being cleaned up on unload, added support for all police vehicles in RDE 2.2.1 and the RDE LSPDFR add-on, remote view toggle defaults have been changed (Keyboard: Ctrl + E, Gamepad: Left Thumbstick + Left Shoulder), FOV is no longer dynamic (i.e. speeding with the dashcam won't change the cam's FOV), added command ReloadDashcamConfig, state acronym shown on regular layout disclaimer is now configurable, remote view toggle modifiers for both gamepads and keyboards are now configurable, dashcam FOV is now configurable
- 2.1.1 - Fix for some people experiencing crashes, fix for some people experiencing extremely high dashcam views, unit numbers no longer reflect roof numbers - instead, a random unit number is assigned to each vehicle, included "Real Agencies" option for those that prefer LAPD, LASD, FBI, etc.
- 2.1.0 - Included department display in both layouts (regular layout department display is much more detailed though), made ini more customizable - department display can be toggled, department name, logo, colour and dashcam offset can be adjusted for any vehicle (including added ones), right-aligned the unit name in regular layout, added compatibility for vehicles included in "Realism Dispatch Enhanced", fixed bug where you could only switch to first person view from dashcam and back when starting a vehicle in first person, fixed bug where the script would crash if your game was on the 0th month (thanks Guibibi34)
- 2.0.0 - Dashcam is now centered instead of on the left side of the hood, dashcam no longer replaces the first person vehicle view (it has its own view now), it is now possible to move your character in remote view, it is now possible to conduct an LSPDFR traffic stop through remote view flawlessly, dashcam is now less "bouncy", enabling the dashcam text for all vehicle views is now possible through the ini, remote view key switched to Shift + E (E key can be changed in ini), lengthy unit names no longer clip out of the box in the IVDashCam layout, drop shadow has been added to the regular layout's text, lifeguard Granger's default unit name is now "RESCUE 455", randomness added to some dashcam values, "B" is shown on the dashcam whenever the player brakes their vehicle, small conflicts with MoreControlV have been fixed
- 1.0.1 - Letter status on dashcam now indicative of emergency light state. Shows L when lights, no sirens and LS when lights, sirens.
- 1.0.0 - Release.
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