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Hello Star Fox fans! I am so excited to finally be announcing the release of a mod that I have been hard at work on for a couple months now! That mod being my Star Fox Addon Mod Pack for GTA V! This mod aims to add as many of the Star Fox characters as I could find model wise on the internet. So, I'm hoping they are to your guy's standards as this is something I have always wanted to see in GTA V! I tried my best to set it up like my gang mods on this website, only with a twist. Now the installation won't cause corruption for the model archives of GTA V! The models are all listed in a dlc pack which this is the first time I have done something like this before. However, I have found that my game does not crash because of peds anymore!

As some of you may know, GTA V has little to no content related to Star Fox. Which really saddened me, as that game was one my favorite childhood games that I grew up playing. I requested models from people over a period of about 5 years that were either ignored, made poorly, or the mod author would've charged me almost $60 a ped model for. Which is just outrageous to me to begin with.

I thought about releasing this mod to my Patreon since the amount of work I've put into the character models and voices, but I know how much the 5-mods community has wanted a Star Fox related mod again. Ever since the release of a very sexualized Krystal a few years back, and the arwing/Great Fox vehicle mods. Now you all can relive those childhood memories again and have fun! Let me know what you all think of this mod in the comments section!

--------------------------------Features of this mod--------------------------------------------------------------

- 26 ped models! (all with facial animations)
- 6 weapons! (Wolf's blaster, Fox's Blaster, Ruffian inspired pistol and rifle using GTA IV assets, Krystal's staff, and a Cornerian soldier's rifle)
- 39 voice archive replacements! (All voices of main characters and ruffians)

Model Names:

------------------------------Known Issues/Bugs-----------------------------------------------------------------
I have only ever run into one issue and that was with regard to the compact rifle smg that is the Cornerian soldier's weapon. Low cover does not allow reload for some reason for that weapon.

Some of the models do not contain blood effects. Its just a result of some of the outfits material not working as they are mostly from GTA IV.

Some characters have eye movement that is not perfect, as their heads would not work with the GTA V skeleton well.
------------------------------------------Mod Helpers---------------------------------------------------------------
Addon mod helpers if a crash occurs on loading:
Be sure to have a good gameconfig that helps in raising the number of peds as this will often times be the reason for a crash. Gameconfig we use:

These have been known to help us out as well:

--------------------------------Recommended Mods-------------------------------------------------------------
A mod that goes great with this addon is Grand Theft Space! I have been having so much fun with it so far!

I did notice however that the mod was no longer able to be downloaded from this site. So here is the link to it elsewhere where I found it:

^Be sure to install it via OIV as it will not spawn space correctly otherwise. Trust me, I tried to manually install it.

Matthew Gafford's A Fox in Space (Inspiration/basis for my model edits!):

Blacksad Game (Models used for Ruffian/Cornerian Heads!):

Nintendo: Star Fox franchise

The model resource website:

Cornerian model ripped from Garry's Mod made by LurkingPig:

Patreon supporters and discord users that made everything possible through encouraging words and feedback!
----------------------------Installation Instructions---------------------------------------------------------------
Just go into openiv, click the top left icon on the page that says tools.
Scroll down to package installer and click the Star Fox Addon Pack OIV package for my mod once you put it on your desktop, and click to install into mods folder.

Download the ped models via the google drive link in the download archive.

Install the (starfox_addon_peds) folder manually into openiv in this path: mods - update - x64 - dlcpacks

Then add this line to your existing dlclist.xml in this location: mods - update - update.rpf - common - data

Manual installation has now been included in the archive for those who wish to use it!
I hope you enjoy this mod! Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section of this page to let me know what you think! Feel free to make videos (add them to the mod page) and use the assets from this mod for your own creations! Just don't copy and upload the same content as that's not what I mean. A lot of time and effort went into adding all these models into this game. So please use respectfully!

Links to our other content:

Discord Community:

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YouTube Channel:

Change Log:

- Version 1.1:
~ Updated the textures of the models to include better mapping and quality!
~ Fixed the weapons that were affected by Rockstar's latest update!
~ Updated the installation to be less confusing and a lot easier to understand!
~ Included the manual installation method via a Google drive link!

- Version 1.0: initial release
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