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After testing enough a think this is totally working. But need testing with history or modded missions. Please report problems if you find something weird or crashing.


- New gang members (more heads) whit more clothes and accesories for the Families, Ballas and Vagos. Just male members, females only color clothes.

- New color for the Families (blue) and Ballas (red) and their gang cars.

- Opcional blue clothes for Franklin, you have some from the start of the game.

- Opcional blue clothes for Lamar and Stretch, for chop only the green dogwear.

- Opcional red clothes for Ballasog

- Vagos still wearing yellow. Well, no really yellow, is hard to edit textures with other colors to yellow in a fast way. Even if the gang that they represent wear blue similar to the color i used for Families i prefer they keep the yellow for gameplay propourses.

I'm new to making OIV packages, and I made a structural error in the installation. If you installed the broken 1.9 version, two files (mppatchesngdlc.rpf and patchday3ngdlc.rpf) will have been installed in your mods-update-x64-dlcpacks folder. Just delete these files and everything will be fixed. It is a bug that can also be solved by relocating the files to their correct place. But you will need to delete these files for the game to work properly. The installa the OIV again.


- I didnt play GTA V for a while. Before i started this mod i did realize that female gang members from Families and Ballas doesnt spawn, there is a scenario in ballas hood that spawn a female talking with a balla, probaly there is more like this but they doesnt spawn as usually. Female from Vagos keeps spawning but sometimes she has a male voice.
I did check if this is a problem from the main game without modifications and yes. So until Rockstar fix this i will not touch the female gang members, sorry.

- Other Important thing to know. Looks like vagos are even more buggy. The ped Mexgoon_03 doesnt spawn either. So the third member of the vagos is now mexthug_01. I think this ped is like the ped ogboss that spawns around families hood, they are like friends of the gang of their hoods. I had the plan to edit this kind of peds like mexboss for example, but im not sur if i will. So keep that in mind, the mexgoon_03 is not edited, the third members is mexthug_01

- Famca ped is giving me so much problems, in this version is looks stable but report crash or problems if you have it.

- THE OIV PACKAGE will not be provide anymore. After testing to much with this edited files, looks like the files become corrupt after using the OIV package installer. In my opinion this is cuz in order to make this works the edited files need the entire dlc.rpf from each dlcpack folder, and using OIV package will not provide this. Im not entire sure but installing the files manually after copy the original files in mods folders works perfectly.

- The last thing! ALL TEXTURES ARE IN LOW QUALITY. Is hard to explain why, but keep in mind some textures will look in poor quality and it will be very obvious. Sorry for this.

Install (Manually no more OIV package, you will have to install all manually):

1. Using OPEN IV make a copy of each original file into your mods folder. IMPORTANT: Make sure you copy the entire dlc.rpf file inside the mppatchesng and patchday3ng folders to you mods folder. (the same with optional files).

2. Using OPEN IV install the files in your mods folder following the rute i gave you

3. Install optional filles if you want to. This will need to much original files just for a few changes. But if you want it, you have it. Take your time to install it and read with caution the rute i give you.


This should be work with any mod, unless you are using the same files from others mods that change the way gang members looks like. Report problems if you find them.

Changelog 2.0:

- Avoid OIV package file, i found is not working with the ped that are located in dlcpacks folder. Well, it works, but make the files corrupt. I found installing the mod manually works.
- Fixed Lamar, Stretch, Ballasog not showing with the new color in cutscenes.
- Fixed famca and famdnf ytm files from previous version. They were not the correct ones of the new version.
- Added Chop to the optional files, with a blue dogwear instead the green one.
- Famca ped totally remaked, is giving me problems from the beginning cuz the vanilla heads of this ped has more bones than others. Report crash or problems if you have, cuz all problems i had comes from this exactly ped. You will see changes on him if you played first versions of the mod.

Changelog 1.9:

- Added the peds mexgoon_01, mexgoon_02 and mexthug_01 to the mod with lot of clothes, hats and heads.
- Added color to some clothes of the vagos female.
- Fixed all glasses, deleted some ones, added more for everyone
- Fixed some textures, finished other ones, this need more work but is ok for now.
- Added a few more hats for everyone, Vagos have more than other gangs
- Added earrings for everyone bur they are a little in bad position
- Added the new colors for Lamar, Stretch and Ballasog
- Added just a few more clothes for Franklin that you can wear from start

Changelog 1.3:

- Added the three male gang members of the Ballas to the mod.
- Added colors for the females of each gang.
- Added colors for the gang's car.
- Added OIV install file for the main mod.

--- Remmember to backup your modded files if you are using other gang mods that change same files. ---
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