Declasse Rancher SS 4x4 (Classic) 1.3 [Discontinued]


The Rancher SS 4x4 (Classic) [Add-On | Extras] v1.3

Update v1.3: [Discontinued]
Rancher Step-side 4x4 (Classic) [Add-On | Extras] v1.3
The idea for the Rancher Step-side 4x4 (Classic) has created
way to many arguments in the community and has been discontinued.
v1.3 is the final update and the model will no longer be updated publicly
on the 5mods community website and if you don't like it.
simply move along. thanks.

Update v1.3:
New bucket seats (added suggestion from Christoffr)
fixed extra_8, and extra_3 that was missing textures.
The truck was supposed to feature mod-shop tuning and custom
livery but after the arguments this model has created the idea
was discontinued for public use, even though now someone else
will just copy my idea being greedy and immature over an improved
body-style and idea of an old mod that was unfinished and built
improperly than was abandoned for over a year.

Update v1.2:
I removed the rear transmission that was attached to the truck
remove the roof antenna and i fixed a few small bugs.

Detail Description:
The Declasse Rancher Step-Side is a two-door, small-size
San Andreas classic pickup truck for the 90's working man.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos description:
"A classic pioneer of the small-size pickup truck market during
the 80s and early 90s, the Rancher harks back to a simpler time
when you could still stick a metal box on wheels and call it a pickup truck.
But none the less the truck looks fantastic, If you're the kind of person who
wants a fun off-road work vehicle for less than 25k, and doesn't pay too
much attention to the crash data, this is the small-size truck for you."

How to install:
1. You need an OpenIV program .
2. Turn on the edit mode “Tab - File, item - edit mode”.
3. Put "ranchstep" folder in: ( mods\update\x64\dlcpacks )
4. Add this line: ( dlcpacks:/ranchstep/ )
to dlclist.xml in: ( mods\update\update.rpf\common\data )

9 Extras, Classic bodystyle, Rear Indicators, New classic
Declassic detail on the boot, rancher step-side Badge.
custom rear bumper & hitch. New Custom wheels.

Tuned headlights, Functioning brake lights, Parking lights
Direction indicators, Breakable body, headlights an glass
There are holes from bullets, Working devices, Tuned camera
when driving from the first person, Hands on the wheel, Engine model
Display in high quality mirrors, Its shadow, Well-developed mud mapping
The model contains all levels of detail (LOD), 3D tires and wheels,
The model is compatible with the basic functions of the game engine
was supposed to have High-quality HQ model; Detailed interior.

Credits to:
Christoffr, for his bunch seats suggestion in the comments.
Rockstar games for their original models, game content and documents.
Priginal mod by: GCT, ported by Dani02 for the old (stock)
Declasse Rancher Stepside. from April 17, 2017

Special thanks to: The 5mod community for downloading, supporting
using and sharing my vehicle models, more to come in the future stay tuned.

The 5mods mature community is more than welcome to use this model
for any type of mods they are creating, it was a (personal) model that i made
to enjoy in my own game, but i had a few of my friends that wanted me to
upload it and a few other different mods of mine on this website, so i thought
that i would share my custom mods. enjoy and have fun, please report
any issues with the model to me if you happen find any. and i can send you
the direct file through email as it will not be updated on the 5mod website
as of 30/10/2018 the model has been discontinued from the 5mod community.
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