Ocelot Swindler [Add-On] 1.0


This model has been retired. A newer much more improved model awaits in the near future.

Admittedly, it has been a while since our brand was associated with luxury and comfort, so we have decided to return to our roots by making one of our most iconic models available to the public once again. This one in specific is bound to open a whole new world of opportunities, full of elegant dinner parties in majestic mansions, where you will be able to "borrow" their paintings, their cutlery, their jewelry, leave silently into the night, and no one will mind, after all, you drive an Ocelot.


John Doe's ever first model, initially ported by Bduck, then taken over by me to push for a release.


Add the folder "spswindler" into the dlcpack then proceed to copy the following:


into the dlclist.

You will need the latest dlc (Tuners Update) to use this mod.

1.0 - Initial Release.

Original Sketch: SilentSoul21
Original Models / Assets: John Doe, TG Stig
Porting: Patao Innertubey (Bduck / Chum)
Bug Fixes: Jerkov, wibflib

Colors by: Skysder

Photos by: Sealyx, Dnero, ItsJustCurtis

If you want to use these cars on your FiveM server, please contact me on discord. You will find me on the Vanillaworks Server.

Replication / Redistribution on any other modding sites apart from 5mods, modifications, and third-person merchandising without the author/s knowledge is strictly prohibited.

Vanillaworks Standard License Format (VSmLF-1.0)

By downloading this package and/or it's cumulative updates, you will agree the following terms and conditions.

Modifying this package and it's contents except the text data such as handling, meta files and modkit, uploading or hosting it elsewhere as is or in a modified state, using it on multiplayer game clients such as FiveM servers without author's permission and selling, paywalling or monetizing in any shape or form is prohibited. Failing to comply these terms will result in copyright complaints against offending individuals and/or entities on respective platforms. To get permission to use this content in your multiplayer clients, please contact me at my discord.
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