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    The Hacking minigame does not work properly, though setting the "hacking" value to false solves this. Also, getting arrested by the police results in the player getting the full payout from the robbery right after spawning outside of the police station. this is likely because of the mod relying on the player surviving or dying to decide if the player failed or succeeded, and getting arrested results in the player not dying and also losing the wanted level. This fools the mod into believing the player "got away" despite being caught and arrested.

    22 febbraio 2024
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    OCSPRAY.dll crashes during seemingly unrelated incidents, like when arresting a ped in LSPDFR.

    18 febbraio 2024
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    Works pretty well, it helped me convert a fivem car mod into a singleplayer car mod.

    15 febbraio 2024
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    [19:27:45] [DEBUG] Loading assembly PedStatus.dll ...
    [19:27:45] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in PedStatus.dll resolved to API 3.6.0.
    [19:27:45] [DEBUG] Instantiating script CompanionHealth.Main ...
    [19:27:45] [INFO] Started script CompanionHealth.Main.
    [19:27:50] [ERROR] Script CompanionHealth.Main is not responding! Aborting ...
    [19:27:50] [WARNING] Aborted script CompanionHealth.Main.
    at SHVDN.NativeMemory.GetPedHandles(Int32[] modelHashes)
    at GTA.World.GetAllPeds(Model[] models)
    at CompanionHealth.Main.OnTick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at SHVDN.Script.DoTick()
    at SHVDN.Script.MainLoop()

    12 febbraio 2024
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    I've put this weapon into Police ped loadouts, however, the Weapon does not work when used by Police peds. It only works when used by the player. It makes armed NPCs cough once when in close range. Does work on unarmed peds though.

    11 febbraio 2024
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    the mod does work correctly, but it is incompatible with better chases+. spawned cops will stay in place until the player approaches them. also breaks the surrender feature from that mod, cops from this mod seem to shoot with stun guns at 1 star without any way to surrender. cops will only pull the player out of the car, arrests seem to not be possible. all other features completely fine though. @PK99 could you revisit this?

    01 dicembre 2023
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    @Garattoni If you have everything essential installed and up to date, did a reinstall and it still doesn't work, give up. the mod will not work.

    05 agosto 2023
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    @imtoxic I think the livery no longer works

    03 agosto 2023
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    Does not seem to work. I replaced supervolito files and it still shows the vanilla helicopter when spawned.

    23 luglio 2023
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    works with better chases+, but breaks bust opportunities from that mod. officers continue tasing you even if you already got tased(standing still) or surrendered(pressing e). bust opportunities from this mod only seem to apply after lethal force is authorized.

    19 luglio 2023