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  • 725210 icyknight

    @skytegra , the fact is the massacro look like a Corvette c7 Stingray
    (Front part) more than the 2nd gen Aston Martin Vanquish it's based on.
    I'm a Corvette fan and the ingame coquette iss less interresting with
    another debauchee massacro in sport variation....Design mismatch.
    A bad choice. It's my thinking...anyway!

    14 agosto 2015
  • 725210 icyknight

    You are one of the best for GTA IV and now you bring us The first true car for GTA V!
    Dreams come true!
    I know u don't mind requests but any chance to replace this ugly massacro
    by a real aston counterpart?
    Thanks for your work.

    14 agosto 2015
  • 725210 icyknight

    Nice tweaking, it really made it more immersive.
    A must have!

    17 luglio 2015
  • 725210 icyknight

    Be glad some devoted people spent time to experiment and search workarounds.
    A better one can be found only by researching and not by vanishing emty critics...
    U can see my point of view even with my crappy english.
    OpenIV will give better results in future but in the meantime I really appreciate this mod.

    13 luglio 2015
  • 725210 icyknight

    The way is open!
    Very promising.

    13 luglio 2015
  • 725210 icyknight

    I'm awaiting the update,,,

    25 maggio 2015
  • 725210 icyknight

    My bad...I've tested on the airport with all upgraded one and can see my mistake now...
    Sorry for all the shitty posts...and thanks again!
    Handling editor is fine to tweak details...U made a good job.

    25 maggio 2015
  • 725210 icyknight

    Not a big deal, I understand...It's for the C7 Stingray Convertible and without performance packages,
    There is no top speed for the C7 Z07 and the 0-60 mph in 3 seconds is for the C7 Z07.
    My problem is with the <fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value="110.000000" /> "120.000000" in your files.
    No way to reach the 291 kph! I tried and tried...
    Your modded Exige S handling make the speed
    and the job ingame easy. Only the C7 files make problems...
    I'm sure anybody else find the same way just tell it!

    22 maggio 2015
  • 725210 icyknight

    I like it!

    22 maggio 2015
  • 725210 icyknight
    Commento fissato

    Very usefull and asi is OK.
    The keyloggers can be detected by real antivus.

    21 maggio 2015