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    Can confirm it's working in Nov 2020. I used it to fix a glitch caused by another mod where the game thought my enemy was a friend and it was stopping me from shooting! This mod fixed that mod's problem right up!

    27 novembre 2020
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    Great mod! Just one thing I was wondering... Is there any way to toggle the mod on or off during gameplay? Sometimes, after a while of dealing with the laser guns the police have, it becomes too much and gives me a headache. Are you able to add some kind of on/off toggle?

    23 novembre 2020
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    @DSCADX You were correct. I had previously edited the key binder file to REMOVE some keyboard and mouse functions a long time ago. When I went back in to add the mouse wheel = next/previous weapon, it fixed the issue and now the mouse wheel works fine on the squad/command selector wheel. Thanks for the tip!

    Next, I was wondering about using some different ped models in a squad but I can't seem to figure out how to choose different models that aren't already in the mod's settings. For example, if I want Franklin's Mom to be in a squad, how would I add her model to my options in the mod?

    23 novembre 2020
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    Awesome mod! I love the way you packed your own idea of a complete experience into it, giving it so many options and possibilities. I just started using it yesterday and so far the only issue I keep having is when I hold Shift or Ctrl to select a squad or command, there is no way to scroll the options with the mouse (wheel or buttons). Instead, the only way I can make the options scroll is by pressing the Aim or Shoot buttons on my XBox controller. That would be ok, but they make the options scroll by SUPER fast in a blur, so there's no way to stop on the correct option without having to just guess, and sometimes it takes 20 tries to get it to land on the correct option.

    Any ideas how I can fix this problem? Even if I apply very light pressure on the trigger, the options still fly by too fast to see.

    22 novembre 2020