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    @CruelMasterMC my bad i think i screwed up the open IV thing, sorry. Mod is running now and damn what a nice mod. Everything seems to work no bugfest or crashes. Nice one :)

    03 aprile 2024
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    @CruelMasterMC Think im doing something wrong here. When is started the mission i got an endless loading screen. Next try i got the cutscene to play but with whacky subtitles ( i think from the main game about jimmy buying a car or smth). After the cutscene ended ther was no more objective. Starting a "normal" mission than gave me endless loading screen again.

    02 aprile 2024
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    @func_npc For me the the Underground Heist finale seems to be broken
    At Objective 8 the teleport location is underground and the mission cannot be completed.
    Can you tell me the coordinates you planned for the objectives?
    Btw this mod is awesome as hell :)

    12 gennaio 2024