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    @edo97 Hi, are you still active with the mod? Hope so.. perhaps you can help. I'm using this mod to add a lot of custom blips, but I now have fps issues when I activate the custom blips. I lose at least 15 - 20 fps with the mod active.
    Is that known? Is it just what happens when you have a lot of extra custom blips? Why would it happen? Do you perhaps have any ideas?

    To give an example - when I just have the Police, Fire and Hospital blips set to true in .ini file, I only lose about 3-5fps. But when I add a lot of custom blips I lose up to 20 fps.
    When I remove the mod the fps are back to normal.

    Could this be because of the method used when it's added in the .ini file?

    If I were to add all my custom blips to the .cs file (in the same way you've done with the fire, police, hospital, online and special blips), could that potentially reduce the fps drop?

    I don't use the GPS marker and route color change options at all.. if I were to remove those parts from the .cs file, do you know if it would affect fps? Have you done testing with different options? Perhaps where the GPS modifications were not part of the .cs file?

    I like this mod, it is way better than any of the other mods that add blips, and I really hope it's something we can solve. Losing 20fps is a lot, it's almost not playable (and hurts my eyes.. ;) ...
    I'm just trying to understand why adding blips to the map would create so much fps drop..

    I understand if it's not possible at all, I can remove the extra blips, I guess it's not needed.
    But I would really like to know if this something you're aware of, or have come across while creating the mod. And if there's any possible solutions or workarounds?

    Thank you..

    22 giugno 2020