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  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Whats a Username? For performance reasons, I disagree. To have all those trees loading at 100% quality while you are in LS is a waste of resources.

    The second reason why real lods are a great idea is the trees will show up in the water reflection. (The lods will that is).

    Another reason is, imagine you do have proper lods. Guess what, you now have more resources to go more crazy with the trees and create an even denser forest.

    6 giorni fa
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @MAFINS I got an idea for something which would be helpful.

    When we go into the Spooner and select a vehicle, could you add an option to warp the player into the drivers seat? This would be helpful for custom vehicles (boats, planes, and helicopters) where the layout is messed up and you can't get the player to get in. Teleport to closest vehicle teleports you to the nearest ground vehicle, and excludes aircraft.

    7 giorni fa
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Whats a Username? Is the LOD support just a draw distance setting? Or are there actual LODs, where a low quality version of the model takes its place when far away.

    As far as I know, GTA V's tree lods are clusters of low poly trees. So custom models may be required.

    7 giorni fa
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @SilverRST Agreed. LOD's are a must.

    Perhaps if someone made super low poly versions of all the GTA V trees, we can optimize it better.

    9 giorni fa
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @SilverRST @zzcool This map looks nice, but I feel like it fits better if the area this is in is left alone. Since it is close to LA, there aren't a lot of forests like this. They are more further north.

    But I want to alter Forest of Chilliad. I feel like the trees in that mod which are placed on the east end would look a lot better if he used the prop used in this mod. I may make that change and see what it looks like.

    10 giorni fa
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @KAFAROS Any possibility you could update the model to feature lighting in the interior? Apparently this is possible in the latest version of Z Modeler

    10 giorni fa
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @ImNotMentaL Nice mod man. There is thing I'm wondering about.
    Does this support controllers? I was thinking that you could make pressing 'B' on the controller use the NOS. Or if the NOS works in bursts like in other Rockstar games, you could make it work by pressing the horn. Holding the horn will beep the horn like normal. So it would be like the way cop cars work with the siren.

    Also, it is great that you, the developer of both Single Player Apartment and Benny's Original Motorworks is making this? Why I say that is because I have an amazing idea to add a bit of realism. It isn't realistic to have NOS in any old car. So here is how we can add NOS as an upgrade.
    -More Realistic Nitro would have an ini option called Require Upgrade.
    -The Benny's Original Motorworks mod will detect this. Now, when you go into Benny's Original Motorworks, Benny can give your the NOS upgrade. Perhaps you could have multiple options which could give you more NOS.
    -Single Player Apartment can detect if a vehicle has been fitted with NOS. So when you store the car in your garage, it will keep it's NOS upgrade.

    What do you think? I think this would be wonderful. Since you make all 3 of these mods, you really could have something great there with the three of them.

    09 ottobre 2017
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @JRod I love the idea of having a cabin, but have you considered using a custom model for it? The current cabin is a little demanding on FPS.

    Two I found:

    08 ottobre 2017
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @FiveM Systems Division

    Any chance you could take care of the carcols kit and lights limits?

    07 ottobre 2017
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Alex106 Any chance you could fix the texture disappearing when the water is flattened?

    07 ottobre 2017