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    @puffboyswagdog The same could be said about car mods. I download 2014, 15, and 16 car models from this site. When I drive around in GTA, the city feels a bit more real and current. The same with the recent upgraded police patrol units and their uniform in my city. They changed last year, and I changed them in the game too. It would have looked stupid if I made them look pre-2013. When friends come over and play GTA, they always love the realism as opposed to what they get on their console version of the game. Not ONE person has ever said "Well, you know, the game was based in 2013, sooo you shouldn't have a '15 car in there."

    It's the same thing with the brands. I want brands that reflect current brands, etc.

    04 giugno 2016
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    @eshenk Another thing that would be cool, would be to change the UTool store in the game to a Lowe's or Home Depot. I can't remember which resemblances more. I haven't played the game in a while.

    I once tried to pin point the files to edit/replace, but had no luck finding them.

    Than ks for these thought.

    28 maggio 2016
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    @eshenk I can't thank you enough for all the mods you have posted lately. I had been working on similar mods for my own use...and figured IF I ever got where I wanted to go, I would share it. However, as you mentioned, as soon as you think you are done with something, boom, you run into more stuff (you missed.) It IS exhausting. I kind of put that in the back burner, and started modding bigger things to reflect my city. Hospitals, Gas stations, Police Stations, Etc. Actually a lot of the smaller stuff I modded would not do much good to post it because I made everything pretty much based off Jacksonville,Fl. I turned the garages into local Maacos. Beer into local beer brands, etc. I know how tiresome it can get, so I REALLY appreciate your mods.

    2 things though. On this one, the file "ng_proc_binbag_02a.yft" does not change at all. Also, the same thing happened on another of your mods, where one of the files was the same as in the game. I even tried re-downloading...or maybe I am over looking something...?


    12 maggio 2016
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    Do you know if there is a file for fake "Beats" for pedestrians?

    What I mean is, every now and then I see a pedestrian with fake Beats...I'd love to replace those only IF the game uses a SINGLE "headphone" file to spawn on random pedestrians. Obviously I don't think it'd be worth it if the game has multiple "head" files with headphones per file.

    Know what I mean? Have you ran into any files like that? Thanks!

    08 marzo 2016
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    I have not installed this yet, I will soon...but I think I saw someone talking about this a while back on a video. He was confused by that same step. He then said that the problem was that the instructions are talking about the IN-GAME "phone settings."

    Meaning, that you should go in the game, press up on the D-Pad to bring up the phone in the game (if using a controller) and go to the phone's settings. From there you can change the wallpapers and stuff.

    Hope that helps.

    06 marzo 2016
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    THANKS for your help. I added the lines successfully. Well, I only added the line for the second blimp.

    The first blimp was already named "Goodyear."

    04 marzo 2016
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    Hello! Thanks for sharing this.

    I just downloaded it and changed the Police and Ambulance to my city's E.G. Jacksonville Fire Rescue. Everything worked perfectly.

    I do have one question. How do I change the name of the "Blimp2"? I could not find it.

    The 1st blimp is right as "Goodyear," but I'd like my second Blimp to be "The Big Ape" instead of the default name. Thanks!

    03 marzo 2016
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    This mod is quite funny. I think the reason most people are bashing it for, it's actually the reason it works so well. I mean, the MSPaint look is the best look in this case. It's just like an average joe would "spray" in real life. No body would go to a professional paintshop to get something like this PROFESSIONALLY sprayed on. (Not that anyone would actually get something like this sprayed on their vehicle.)

    01 marzo 2016
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    Does the game have their own version of the Navy, or will this replace the "us army" people in the game? Thx!

    24 febbraio 2016
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    I hate to ask you for a favor. I normally just take what I am given and be thankful WHICH I AM. I would like to see if you could create a license plate like this, or any design you choose that says "Silent Hill" or "Sheperd's Glen" on it. I don't know how to do it. Thanks either way!

    07 febbraio 2016