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    07 luglio 2017
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    Mod works well...but it may caused randomly game crash :( I got the same scripthookv error as the other guys too,i have to use the backup of the orginial mod by Plastic Tangerine ╮(╯▽╰)╭

    25 giugno 2017
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    @ImNotMentaL 尝试了N次重启游戏,就是刷不出升降机,我已经郁闷了。我黏贴内容在下面:
    2017/6/4 20:39:24:Thread was being aborted. at System.Threading.WaitHandle.WaitOneNative(SafeHandle waitableSafeHandle, UInt32 millisecondsTimeout, Boolean hasThreadAffinity, Boolean exitContext)
    at System.Threading.WaitHandle.InternalWaitOne(SafeHandle waitableSafeHandle, Int64 millisecondsTimeout, Boolean hasThreadAffinity, Boolean exitContext)
    at GTA.Script.Wait(Int32 ms)
    at HYT_CV16LN.AttachXtra.AttachXtra()
    2017/6/4 20:39:24:Thread was being aborted. at HYT_CV16LN.AttachXtra.AttachXtra()
    at HYT_CV16LN.CV16LN.AttachShip()
    2017/6/4 20:39:24:Thread was being aborted. at HYT_CV16LN.CV16LN.AttachShip()
    at HYT_CV16LN.CV16LN.OnTick(Object o, EventArgs e)

    05 giugno 2017
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    强烈支持!! 尝试了一下,所有的脚本和载具刷出/固定都工作正常,唯独升降机和挡烟板死活就是刷不出来,试了好多次~键和altn都没用,不知道是不是我的步骤不对?等待你们上传完安装视频我再看下。

    05 giugno 2017
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    Auto spoiler is not worked with 1.5 version :( I restore the previous version 1.4 now.

    21 dicembre 2016
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    Tested on my gta v, 1.01 version works very well now! Finally another asi plugin can active snow easily. But is there a hot key for enable/disable this plugin?

    20 dicembre 2016
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    04 dicembre 2016
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    Happy mod one year anniversary~! And any1 know how to use the feature "convert saved SPG vehicles to SPA" of SPA Tool? I tried so many times, and SPA Tool always show: " Error, scripts/SinglePlayerGarage/backup folder is not found", there is no backup folder inside SPG mod folder, should i create one and rename it to"backup"? i have already installed SPG mod before SPA released and i have already saved so many cars with customized with SPG mod. If any one used SPG mod, please help me.

    15 novembre 2016
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    The New feature "Enable Online Vehicles" is good, but the main page of ingame website "legendary cars" is still different from Gta online version (only include the vehicles until Executives and Other Criminals DLC), hope the new update of this mod wil be better!

    11 novembre 2016
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    Vehicles Pack works perfect, got some problems :0 There is no interior for Progen Tyrus, and the head lights of Lampadati Tropos Rallye never pop up automatically :( Also the new paintjobs and Dials of the new vehicles are not working...

    13 luglio 2016