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    @oldnapalm Nice to hear,
    Also i want to ask: how come in some areas, despite of (20,30) veh, ped lim, the Ped/Veh still gets exceeded in some areas but not all (31,32,...even 50,60 if the player continues to spawn)? (I saw that they aren't removed also)

    14 hours ago
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    @oldnapalm An idea for Player sync:
    - I wonder if it's possible to only sync other Player in a radius (to see more FPS boost). Say about 200-400m so that if they get out of that radius, their player's model, peds/veh won't be synced at all. (Ex: even if server has 12 players but you are around 2 players, only those 2 will be synced, the other 10 will be synced on map but not others like model/ped/veh,...)

    1 giorno fa
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    "Veh Repair Loop" Version Log 1:

    **FPS ped sync:
    - Denise house, idling Frank player, FPS dropped to 30s
    36(30-37)/21(me), 15/7(him). This might be the mod not dividing the Ped count possibly.
    - Different session, Denise house, 4 players (me included),
    31/21, 7/5 (for all 3 others). FPS in low 40 despite being about 2km away from them.
    I teleported to their location (near Mike house), my synced ped dropped to 4.
    - Other session, same area:
    31/21, 6/6, 10/6. Again despite both players in Mike house area, FPS in mid 40
    - Same session, Little Seoul, near a Franklin Agency:
    31/21, 8/6, 10/6. FPS: low to mid 40
    - Inside Mike house, 1 idler: 15/21, 9/10, FPS: hi 30 to 50
    - It seems like from Denise area, to Arena War stadium, to Airport, with 2 players, is particularly
    laggy, my Ped synced stayed in 30s while the other got 6-7. When mine dipped down to 12, while other
    2 stayed at 7, FPS rose to 40. Then theirs (2 players) ped synced, rose to 10, FPS is in 30-35
    - Hospital, Strawberry, with 5 players in 1km radius, FPS can dip to hi 30 when driving/riding.
    Ped synced can go to 40, with mine about 30. When synced Ped is in 20 total (mine: 12), FPS rose to
    - Outside Army Base, with Tanks inside the Base, FPS can dip to 41,
    Ped Sync: 31, 7 (3 others)

    **Repair loop:
    - It might have stopped as i ran through another Player car (no one's in it), the door broke but
    didnt auto-repair
    - Running into a Player car, it looked trashed but then he got out of the car, tried to explode it
    the car now auto-repaired and looked like new condition now.
    - No repeated broken window seen so far

    9 giorni fa
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    Glad to have you back.
    Important note for the logs above:
    - FPS drops significantly when Ped/Veh reaches 40-50s
    - Vehicle can go to 50-60s. A way to delete earliest spawned Vehicles (or Even peds) (like First in First out type) once the limit is reached, might help FPS
    - Dupes (Ped/Veh)still happen, just a minor reminder.

    9 giorni fa
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    "Ped Workaround" Version Log 2:

    Police Station, mission Row, 9-10 police, FPS in 40s

    Player using Minigun, moving, sometimes, his anim will T-pose

    3 players near, Hospital Rockford, 49 NPCs total, 30/21 from me

    1-3 from others, FPS in mid 40

    Same area, 19 NPCs total now, no cars passing by,

    37 npcs, FPS in mid 30 now

    Hospital Strawberry, NPCs went into 39, FPS is hi 30s

    One player was in a Truck, it got flipped and exploded but
    it just duped 2 car scraps, 1 normal version and the Player
    was moving another normal truck

    C4ing a Player, he spawned a bunch of his trucks, Vehicle went
    up to 50 to 65, FPS dropped to low 30s

    Dis-re-con gained 10 fps, resetted vehicle to 35

    Pillbox Hospital, FPS in 40, 3 players and few cops

    18 peds, 33 vehicles, no NPC car passing by

    Invisible player, visible car still seen

    Del Perro, near Gun store,39p/25v, total
    31/21 for me, 1/0 for idle player

    When it reaches 40-50 ped/vehicle, is when it starts to drop into
    30-40 or even lower

    (ex: Pillbox Hospital, 55 npcs, 30-35 fps
    LSC in LS, 47 npcs, me:24/21, 6-5 for each ohter 5 players
    35 fps
    55 npcs: 20s

    Stolen Pink car random event again, i teleported and got it but then the
    car just flew into the mountain, so the thief got killed

    Skull icon NPC still spawns randomly standing still or might be clipped
    to underground.

    21 novembre 2023
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    "Ped Workaround" Version Log 1:

    -50 FPS w/7 players, 33 npc, 37 veh
    18/21 for me

    mid 50 FPS, no player around me, Vinewood Boulevard,
    intersection, near a Nightclub

    Saw Some vehicles 2-5 cars

    Raton Cayon bridge, next 1 player, with 3 car scrap,
    low to mid 50s

    Random Event, North Chumash, with 2 players near,
    It was a Stolen Pink car, it got duped, 1 was moving (Red icon)
    ,1 was not moving on the road, no driver.

    Pillbox Hill, near the Weed Guy square, 1 player nearby,
    it had 2 intersections, so 1 had cars, about 3-4 cars,
    the other one was empty/Ghost Towny.

    20/21 (me), 3/3 (other Player)

    Davis, Franklin Garage, near Groove Street and Convenient Store, saw 1-2 cars
    FPS was in hi 40 to 60s

    Same area, near Train tracks, 2 train dupes, only 1 ped vehicle seen
    8/21 (me)

    3 players, 1 killed 2 with Grenade Launcher, their car exploded, FPS
    dipped to 20-30, then back to mid 50 with me and 1 guy

    Going up to that area, intersection near Train track, 3 cars seen.

    Strip Club intersection, 3 players near me, 2-4 cars seen,

    2-3 seems to spawn in distance, less frequently closeby.
    FPS: hi 40 to 50s

    Strawberry Hospital intersection, 2-3 cars spawn near.
    hi 40-60 FPS
    31/21 (me), 1/1, 8/2

    Road below Vinewood Sign, FPS: 60 to 70,
    6/12 (me), 7/5(other)

    Invisible Car might have happened as i saw 2nd Player getting out of
    his car, got ran over by a car, no driver not moving, popped out.

    2 players near, FPS: 60s

    Saw driverless car, Chillad/Raton Cayon bridge

    Paleto Hospital:
    16/21(me), 14/10

    Saw 1-2 cars passing by, 1 Player was idling, FPS in 50s

    Sandy Shores hospital, 1 player, FPS in 50 to low 60,
    Took a while but 1-3 peds from his POV spawned with 3 from mine

    31/21, 6/1

    Saw Train nearby but its carrier gets duped so it gets "stuck" on top of
    the local ones

    Explodin Planes due to dupes in Sandy Shore airport, 2 exploded with 1 normal
    the Player came by, another one spawned

    Saw a Cop icon spawning about 440m away

    Went 200m to see a Cop icon, came back to Sandy Shore Airport, saw the Plane
    Exploding again.

    Went to the Bar nearby, FPS in 50 to 60s. Suddenly dipped to 30s one point

    Cypress Area/La Mesa, following 1 player, FPS in 40 to 50s

    1 cop icon spawned 400m away

    Driverless car spotted but it had 1 passenger.

    FPS was in 50-60 following Player in Casino highway, Dipped to
    hi 40 with explosion & fire
    23/21, 7/7

    Following him in a Humane lab car (probably Jewelry store setup) in East
    Los Santos to Lester factory, FPS ranges 50-60s

    Tried spawning a bunch of Peds with trainer probably more than 20-30,
    Z list sync stayed at 23/23

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    21 novembre 2023
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    Log w/ missions

    "Test13" Version Log 2:

    **Corpse note:
    FPS drop at first, after teleporting to Sandy Shore Hospital, about 7 to 17 then 20,
    then rose to high 40 and 50
    10(me),4,22,2,3 (Ped)
    There were 4 players in here.
    Player respawned in Hospital, Bunch of corpses spawned, they werent floating.

    11 corpses spawned with 4 of them being Big Fish, 1 Panther.

    Turning back, 1 corpse was floating, 19 corpses were spawned
    the previous 11 didnt disappear.

    This time Z list, one player had 47/1 synced.

    It went to 57 then 80/1 synced, FPS is now from hi 30 to hi 20.

    Bunch of corpses eveywhere.

    Now the Z of the player is 95/4
    For the server: 5/114/38

    Dis-re-con removed all the corpses and FPS went to low 40

    The player kept spawning a bunch of dead peds

    He dropped a molotov on the corpses, FPS went to hi 20s
    Now his sync: 69/4

    Got to play Union Depot with other player,

    Teled to Strip Club, it was in 30s at first then got to 50s

    Cant see any Swats during the underground fight with him.
    But i could see the crew member along Frank.

    Synced Z showed: 2/2 to 5/5 for him

    Dis-re-con didnt spawn them

    Mike fight, i can see some cops
    But sometimes none spawns but i can see helis w/o peds

    Dis-re-con showed 4 cops in the drive way

    Crew member will shoot u.

    Couldnt see any cops but 1 time 2 cars roll on driveway
    but their cars spit out doors

    Getting in the getaway car, since i cant see Mike but only Frank,
    sitting on the Front passenger, the Player said Mike was trying to get me out
    so got into the back seat.

    I can see Taliana/Other Pilot Heli during Trev part at first but i cant see
    that 2nd heli, the Lester RPG part, but 3 Buzzards seen.

    Final cutscene, i can see 2 Lesters


    In car with player through South of Denise house area, sudden FPS drop to 20
    probably random event (i saw red dot)

    He did say he cant see cars, he was driving, only sidewalk peds

    Ran into a truck, him in passenger, still said he couldnt see

    He said he had -1, i told him to set 20,30. Now he said he could see

    We went to Strip Club, FPS is in 40s inside

    He also said to see doubles Peds like me.

    Player blew himself in Hospital, respawned, bunch of Peds spawning with him

    It was me and the player, 1 other joined with 22 synced ped, FPS went from 60 ish to 40s
    if i remember, this could be wrong.

    I got booted, in passenger with the player, 2 times in 1 instance

    Can see 6 cops from player POV, Hawick near Casino bridge, FPS was high 50 to 60
    Then another player connected, FPS is now in 40s

    Army Base player can see soldiers and cars, mid 30 to 50 fps.
    Many tanks caused FPS drop to 30s

    Prison, outside, FPS is in mid 30s, 66 NPCS total

    44/22 and 24/6 me & him

    Mounted weapons from passenger can shoot enemies but anims wont be synced

    Went to the grassy area, 40 NPCS, now FPS is 40-50 ranged

    **Long stretch Mission:
    I can see both Lamar and Stretch during gun store and the Car ride from Ammu to factory now

    See 2 Ds in cutscene

    Can only see few enemies 1-3 each segment

    Can see L and Str during the getaway but

    Player tried jacking a car, dead guy is still inside the driver seat
    so his body is "left behind". Took a while for him to appear

    A cat was on the sidewalk, only i saw it, the other player said
    he couldnt.

    We returned to Frank's car, there was still a female ped, holding RPG,
    floating, walking in the air.

    Another player left so she disappeared.

    The player reconnected, he can chat with me but its invisible.
    Dis-re-con worked.

    **Cleaning Bureau Setup:
    Cutscene, Haines, Les, Norton visible, saw Haines moving too
    but was in stand still anim.

    Can see the janitor spawning and see Player tailing him.

    **Bureau mission:

    Can see cat now, 2 dupes.

    Heli part (stealth), i try getting on and but player said it will fail
    the mission (Crew abandoned, as Frank's not visible, i'm on his seat)

    Fight on roof, no NPCs seen.
    Dis-re-con spawned 1 FBI, 1 swat, the corpses spawned too

    Occasionally 1 NPC popped out

    Burnt buidling, only saw 2 FBI (burnt guys)

    I passed near Crew member and was launched away

    After zipline to ground, only saw 1 guard, killed him, this corpse T pose

    40 FPS now, 2 players w/ me, outside the FIB member.

    Can see 2 crew members too.

    Final cutscene, no Lester seen.

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    20 novembre 2023
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    @oldnapalm If i remember, i could have been 2 peds i've seen so far that was like that. Havent seem many dead peds yet

    20 novembre 2023
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    It was a Remote as it disappeared later. The body was in a lying animation but it was above ground about knee to full leg-length height.

    20 novembre 2023
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    "Test13" Version Log 1:

    -20 Empty Server vs -30 Server w/1 Player

    Near the Player, near Highway towards LSIA, mid 55 fps

    Intersection nearby, near Benny garage, no players now,
    at first, i couldnt see cars but eventually it spawned
    1-3, at most 5. Z list: was 6-15/23, hi 70 to mid 80s

    Drop-top car, gets blinking top, when Player was shooting
    at it, with me sitting in it.

    This was Vinewood Hills, FPS: hi 70- mid 80

    Infinite-door, still happens as i tried to ran through the
    Player spawned car, he was not in it though, but the Car
    still gets auto-fixed hence, the doors still split out

    Saw the Player killing 2 peds in a car, likely the peds are synced.

    it was 9-8(or10) ped split between and him, this was hi 50 to 60,
    we were driving too

    West Vinewood (the Upper road of LS, near an Online Nightclub),
    it reached mid 40s, Ped went up 31/21 from (9 before on
    the wind part)

    Los Santos LSC, low to hi 40, Despite 6/21 (me) and 7/21 (other 1 player),

    In a 400m radius (further player), with 1 player in my car, 1player 100m away, about 21
    peds, like 6-8 split between 4 player, FPS was low 50

    Mission Row, Police station was 40-50 fluctation.

    Depending on area in LS, you will get high 40 vs mid 50 to 60

    Like below the Rockford Hospital intersection, w/1 player, dipped to low 40
    but when you went to the Highway, it was in 50s

    A player teleported to me, he was invisible, dis-re-con made him appear.

    Testing Simeon "Repo" mission, i can see Simeon and the customer spawning.
    I was Michael this time, i saw him killing the Gardener, and my World Jimmy

    Saw 2 Traceys, 1 from mine, other from his.
    And the Tennis guy and Manda.

    The player did kill Jimmy (mine), before entering the house, so i couldnt
    see any Jims in his room

    Saw Player turning to Michael, him
    and Simeon Fighting(just the Simeon Standing, and the Player going towards him)

    2 Simeons spawn at one point, probably cutscene,
    then FPS dipped to 30s, after his Mission Completed
    despite 5 and 7 peds with me and the player.

    Back at Mike house, it was hi 60s outside, but in 40s inside


    I could see the Truck with the Boat, but, so i tried dis-re-con
    the Truck disappeared but the Player also restarted, so i could see
    The Truck again

    FPS drop on highway around Fame or Shame stadium, 30 ish

    I could see the Truck and Jimmy floating. But the Player restarted
    (i hit floating Jimmy once), the truck was invisible, only floating
    Jim and enemy (2 guys also floating)

    FPS when teleport back to Mike house hi 20 to low 30

    There were 6 peds standing still in front of the gate but inside the house
    land (2 swats, 2 merryweather, 2 morgue workers).

    I started union depot heist, during the underground fight (Aggressive), the Player
    said he couldnt see me.

    **floating corpses:
    1 Floating corpse seen, from other Player seen, it wasnt circling, but still float
    The body wasnt on the ground, but it wasnt circling.

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    20 novembre 2023