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    its a "Mercedes-Benz G350D 2019

    here are some bugs you may can fix next:
    - backwards lights missing (white backward lights)

    thats all :) 4,5/5 Points, if you fix that 5/5 really nic work

    1 giorno fa
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    its a "Mercedes-Benz E63 2014"

    Here some bugs:
    - dials rotation/min is not working, just the mph/kmh dials.
    - rear brakelights middle should be red not white in the middle of the car rearwindow
    - audionamehash sound is missing why you didn't fix that easy staff :D
    - your tuning ist wrong ... the car bugs out when i change some tuning,
    (maybe you forgot to deactivate the tuning files or when its beta, then don't include them in carcols)

    4 x 0,5 Points -
    = 3/5 points
    if you fix those problems, you get 5/5

    by the way, rest is really nice and no other bugs or problems, you did great work but like i said not complete yet.

    1 giorno fa
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    hey, you didnt update your mods long time ago any more :/

    Here are some Problems of the cars what are not complete yet:
    - electronic dials of mph/kmh for: 12cs, 12csgt3, 625c, 625cs, 650s, 650slb, 650slbs, 688hs
    They only have the rate of rotation/min on the dashboard --> this gives you -0,5 Points on rate

    - 688hs, 570gt (backcoronas) and 2-3 more cars have too big backlightcoronas, but some of your cars you fixed that perfect <3 .... -0,25 points

    - here on this cars no dials, whether kmh/mph nor rotation/min animated for: 675ltmso, p1gtr

    - another thing what i ask myself ? why you do on 8 cars vanilla handling and then on 3-4 cars realistic handling ? so 8 cars of this pack end around 200 :D and 4-5 end at 300-350 :D
    normally handling will be not rated from me, but two different styles of handling in your add-ons is a -0,25 and for second reason i didnt rate the two cars without any dials ... so this together then -0,25...

    so we have 4/5 points for this mod.
    really nice work, i appreciate that.
    if you may can fix this in future you really earned the 5/5 then

    3 giorni fa
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    - fix dials -0,5 points
    - fix wheels like eggs ... they egging :D :D drive and take a look on them .. horrible the more fast you drive -0,5points
    if you fix that, then 5/5
    nice work rest is good

    4 giorni fa
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    @ToneBeeDTD sounds really good :) i appreciate your work and love to see some of your new projects, soon :)

    4 giorni fa
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    - dials inside -0,5 points
    - no brakelights at the back -0,5 points
    - and in the middle of the trunk/boot no brakelights -0,5 points
    - frontlichtcoronas very dark / very weak -0,5 points
    3/5 .. if you fix all that, you get 5/5 ... others have a levante already with everything fine 5/5

    4 giorni fa
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    @ToneBeeDTD i really appreciate your work and would love it if you can do something like a old manta a or manta b .... like they were on gta 4 :D

    also some really nice cars from the 70-90`s

    4 giorni fa
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    everything perfect 5/5 dude.
    dials, dashboardlights, frontlights perfect, also the backlights, brakelights coronas etc ...
    steeringwheelhands, right side animated go out and inside with the vehicleslayout etc ...
    just the handling is maybe in reality more max speed a little bit ... but thats no problem at least :D

    5/5 nothing to say ! :) there are from 10 vehicle add-ons here just 1 perfect one always ... some have always one thing not completed but you did really good work here !!

    4 giorni fa
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    spawnname is: lx570

    if you get invalid model its cause you didnt enable the mod cause you have wrong folder name .. the content xml and setup xml of this mod is named dlc as golgl18 ... so you folder have do be this name too ... then you can spawn it by lx570 ;)

    guys dont be lazy always when there is invalid model .. just take a look inside the ytd/yatf names .. if it is same ... then take look in the content xml and setup xml ....
    and if your game crashes when you wanna spawn the car, you have problem with the meta files something wrong there or doesnt match with the enabled ones in content xml.

    4 giorni fa
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    There are some bugs of the cars you can improve ...

    - dials inside are not working, why ? for make a complete car there should be also dials inside
    - also your armatures/ cockpit has no dashlight inside ... when you drive at evening :/
    - front corona lights are wrong especially at evening :/
    - back corona lights are very wrong you should fix your light and settings in carcols lights and maybe choose a different carvariations lightsettings, at evening its cancer for the eyes the coronas are somewhereelse out of the car :D

    4 Problems, each problem is a downgrade from 0,5 points.

    there is the same car add-on dlc of lexus lx570 2016 from another modder, he made everything correct, maybe you can take a look there how he did.

    But by the way, nice mod if you fix the problems everything would be really nice and 5/5 then.

    4 giorni fa