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  • 098784 trevoor

    @Laaru Thx
    I found it :-)
    You can turn off the ringing directly in the phone menu, somehow overlooked it

    29 dicembre 2021
  • 098784 trevoor

    great ,,,thx wunderbar :-)

    16 dicembre 2021
  • 098784 trevoor

    @Raradok yes me too, no money for self made routes - have you found something out - why?

    14 dicembre 2021
  • 098784 trevoor

    Hi all, great mod.
    For all people where is an small accident in the "read me"....<Item>dlcpacks:\wwtype3\</Item> but it must be <Item>dlcpacks:\vwtype3\</Item> to get this car work (not ww, you have to make it vw) thanks for the great cars !!!

    10 dicembre 2021
  • 098784 trevoor
  • 098784 trevoor

    For all People, dont forgeht to change the gameconfig.
    first my game crashes all time but with this: Gameconfig (1.0.2372) for Limitless Vehicles
    my game runs with all carpacks and everything!!!
    thank you thank you thx....

    26 novembre 2021
  • 098784 trevoor

    Perfect and Great, thank you, thank you !!!
    One question:How can i turn off (or down) the ringtone Level? Is it possible?

    24 novembre 2021
  • 098784 trevoor

    Okay, now after one year the mod works again for me.
    I did all updates again, like before ten times and works :-)
    in my game there are no bus stations to see anymore but people are waiting and going in and out of the buses, jeaaah :-)
    I have made some routes with other cars and trucks, i try to upload them, whey are little bit strange and sometimes the player has to improvise or play it in his own way. lg

    17 novembre 2021
  • 098784 trevoor

    Hi there,
    does anyone know how to get this mod up to date? and if so how exactly?

    If not, does anyone know how to get GTA5 to work in an old saved version and if so, how?

    I totally miss this mod and some old ones that no longer work with me no matter what I do.
    Please help, im not mentally unfortunately no longer answers, or does nothing more with the mods, as it looks.
    So if someone has n tip, I would be very happy.

    weiß jemand wie man diesen Mod aktuell zum laufen bringt? und wenn ja wie genau?

    Wenn nein, weiß jemand wie man GTA5 in einer alten gespeicherten Version zum laufen bringt und wenn ja, wie?

    Ich vermiss diesem Mod total und einige alte, die bei mir, egal was ich mache nicht mehr laufen.
    Bitte um Hilfe, im not mental antwortet leider nicht mehr, bzw macht nichts mehr an den mods, wies aussieht.
    Also wenn jemand n tip hat, würde mich sehr freuen.


    16 novembre 2021
  • 098784 trevoor

    @zayalex okay thank you

    08 dicembre 2020