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    Latest version works great, no issues found yet.

    25 gennaio 2024
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    New version I can't get to work yet here's what I've tried and what I'm getting. v3095.

    1. First tried just replacing all the old files with new, dll, ini, ifruit. ini settings I kept as what's provided.

    - Contact Vlad, says come to garage go to a garage
    - No prompt to call vlad at the garage.
    - If I call him while at the garage he just repeats to come to the garage. Tried 3 different garage locations just in case.
    - The yellow marker that's usually on the ground to tell you the car list isn't present.
    - No errors

    2. I manually changed CONTACTCREATEDFRANKLIN = True, but on Franklin it still says to come to the garage.
    - No errors.

    I'll double check my installation tomorrow.

    20 gennaio 2024
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    The method I use to have every blip show which works 100% reliably (for me) is to rename scripts to "_scripts" before starting the game, when it loads up rename the folder back to "scripts", then use SHV console to "Reload()" all the scripts.

    That is the only way I've found to reliably keep both the vanilla game + scripts blips at the same time.

    If someone could automate that process, have the game load vanilla then load scripts after initial load then that'd work.

    20 gennaio 2024
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    Game was crashing every 10-20min with no error without fail for 4 days. I put this mod in the folder to identify if there's a poolsize issue (because the crash was very reminiscent of gameconfig issues in the past), and it runs perfectly for hours on end.

    I know this script didn't fix anything it's just funny ;D

    17 gennaio 2024
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    Mod works great! The functionality is quite limited but has a lot of potential.

    The mod goes from useful to god-tier if/when:

    1/ Properties can be resold like today, but property value fluctuates (at a chosen rate based on in game time). The value could either fluctuate randomly, or be based on in-game events like crime frequency in the area.
    2/ Properties can be further upgraded, increasing property value.
    3/ Properties can be rented out after purchase to gain an income, tenants can be managed.
    4/ Properties have more in-depth expenditures that could also fluctuate, i.e. having a bad tenant who causes the need for repairs or renovations.

    This property investment was what I was hoping for that avoids the mod being a 'money printer', but instead there's challenge in managing the properties and building a real estate empire.

    17 gennaio 2024
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    The mod works fine but the confusion is coming from the description:

    "Install Script Hook by Alexander Blade then drag "BasicNeeds.ini" into the GTA V directory (This .ini is needed regardless of what mods you're using). Then install all the scripts (.asi files) you want from the pack."

    People are probably putting BasicNeeds.ini in the GTAV directory as instructed. Then installing the rest of the *scripts* in their scripts folder.

    * Install ScriptHookV
    * Drag BasicNeeds.ini into the GTAV directory (this file is required)
    * The rest of the files are optional but if you want to use them, drag them into GTAV directory.

    e.g. if you only want hunger/thirst/fun stats and an inventory, but you don't want sleep/motels/restaurants:
    * Drag BasicNeeds.asi + inventory.asi into the GTAV directory and don't touch FoodandSleep.asi.

    If you want everything drag all the asi files into GTAV main directory.

    17 gennaio 2024
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    @chopstickz Yes I've come across this problem quite a lot and it's the only negative of the mod I've found.

    It would be fine if our saved vehicles were stored in an xml file (or something equally editable) as then we could just keep backups or modifiy the corrupted vehicle, but as far as I can see we don't have access to such a file.

    The only workaround I've found is as you've stated, have backups of the vehicle in other garages or avoid the scenarios that cause them to turn NULL.

    16 gennaio 2024
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    @delled Can confirm having an error for the Race Scenario.

    In my case:
    1. Complete Vlad missions until he asks you to go to a race,
    2. Arrive at the destination, call vlad again as prompted
    3. Go to the racer NPCs, press E to start the race
    4. Time skips forward, then nothing happens
    5. Error shown.

    All the missions that ask you to steal a vehicle is fine, only race scenario missions fail. Tested races at observatory, airport, warehouses.

    13 gennaio 2024
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    I'd love more resource management aspects added.

    * Maintenance costs added for holding territory relative to its defences, that way you have to manage the money aspect. Give the player a decision whether its worth spending more money to hold or attack a territory.

    * Having different revenue amounts for different territories which itself can be managed and upgraded - a territory in a forest would not produce as much revenue as a busy shopping district, but maybe you can upgrade a low revenue territory.

    * Being able to manage your gang members without you being there, i.e. instruct members on the other side of the map to attack a territory next to them. Reduce the success rate (or increased the cost) of doing this while the player is not present.

    * Same for turf, be able to manage a location you're not at. Spend money on economic upgrades, dealing operations, etc.

    * Have a hard mode option where enemy gangs attempt to take territory / upgrade more often. The cost of attacking, defending and maintaining territory could increase too so you have to play it smarter.

    11 gennaio 2024
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    Lurked here for years and just want to say this mod is top tier, really well made. It hits a standard most other mods don't hit, and it's open source too!

    11 gennaio 2024