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    how do i activate it when loaded?

    29 dicembre 2021
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    @Johninatoooor yeah exactly that one. It is fun, but sometimes it is unwanted tho. Car meets for example. We fix cars multiple times over the course of an hour or two, and sometimes it gets out of hand. Still appreciate the work guys, its fantastic mod. My whole crew is using it and loving it!

    17 dicembre 2021
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    @Johninatoooor thanks man, I created an account here just to make this comment. Playing GTA without this mod is just pointless in my case. Thank you for your awesome work!

    P.S. Are you by any case aware of the bug, where if u fix ur car while the mod is being on, it glitches out sometimes, so when turned off, the car's handling is just midway, it kinda drives normal but then slides out and twitches out a lot, would really appreciate if this can be fixed in the future.

    Usually, I turn off the mod, fix the car. Turn on again. most of the time works ok, but sometimes that doesn't help. Same thing with recalling the car. The only way to fix it, as I know, is to restart the game...

    16 dicembre 2021