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    Another fine jet to add to the collection. Also, out of curiosity? Does this mean that the MiG 1.44 was cut during Ace Combat 7's development?

    25 dicembre 2021
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    Pretty nice liveries here, the issue is 8K seems to be too much for OpenIV to handle, attempting to import them usually results in the textures becoming corrupted. Compressing them didn't work either as the car still doesn't spawn. Can you release them in 4K at least?

    23 dicembre 2021
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    For those who have issues spawning the car after adding the liveries, this is because for some reason, the other textures for the car becomes corrupted after the liveries are added. It seems to happen mainly with this car and the California T.

    08 dicembre 2021
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    What can I say, complete and utter disaster, spend quite a while trying to install the mod, managed to spawn it, the model looks overall nice, there's no license plate but I'm willing to overlook that. But guess what? The axle width is somehow adjusted incorrectly and the right side wheels are placed too far inward!

    But with all due seriousness, is the concept of simple convenience too much to ask from you? Unlike the majority of other modders who release individual fully functional vehicle mods. You have to force us to download another one of your mod just to be able to use this one. And we have to manually update the files ourselves! I have never seen a more complicated to install car mod. Can you at least at bare minimum update the mod pack yourself or just release it as a standalone DLC.rpf?

    Oh and speaking of which, you just HAVE to package in a bunch of other vehicles into every one of your mods (sometimes not even mentioning it) which left me with less space on my hard drive AND a bunch of (sometimes unwanted) cars with individual mod kit IDs that I have to painstakingly verify and edit one by one so that they don't conflict with vehicles from the base game or my other add on vehicles. And it appears that some of the mod kit IDs are for cars that are not even included in this pack. Has it ever came across to you that it's troublesome to include a bunch of extra baggage on every mod you put out?

    20 novembre 2021
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    Really cool paintjob, buddy. But I have to ask, do we really need this many fake vents pasted all over the place? IMO it just makes the whole thing feel cheap.

    17 novembre 2021
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    @Viperstar Open Afterburners.ini and change the Style from 1 to 2, otherwise you'll get this weird Rocket Voltic afterburner that is oversized and lacks the flame cone when accelerating.

    13 novembre 2021
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    @Saimons I have a similar issue, in my case the trams spawns are broken. They only generate the front half now and always appear to be half stuck in the ground. And sometimes the half trams that spawn are even invisible.

    05 novembre 2021
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    From my observation, it tends to happen to Calvacades, it may happen to Dominators but I haven't seen them affected yet. They simply spawn in the parking lot at the end of the pier and stay parked there (those I can snipe at least) but sometimes they get stuck underneath the bridge leading to the pier, and those I can do nothing about.

    The Desert alien survival works just fine FYI.

    16 ottobre 2021
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    A problem I discovered is that the Vagos that spawn in vehicles during the Del Perro Survival sometimes have pathfinding issues, leading to them getting stuck far outside the combat area and preventing me from progressing to the next wave.

    15 ottobre 2021
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    Works rather well on my end, just one issue: installing this mod causes a lot of props to outright disappear on the map. For instance, at Cypress Flats where the MG pick-up spawns, the doors to one of the garages are completely missing, allowing me to drive inside and fall into blue hell.

    30 settembre 2021