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    really hope you can add "CFlyingHandlingData"
    I have been following updates since the script was released.
    As far as I know, there is no script that can edit "CFlyingHandlingData"
    I really hope you can add him to it.
    This will help many people.
    Thank you for your contribution! ! !

    12 settembre 2021
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    Please add the ability to edit the "CFlyingHandlingData"...
    Please !!!

    18 giugno 2021
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    Please add "FlyhandlingDate"

    14 giugno 2021
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    Hello there. Thank you very much for creating such a complete menu.
    I have experienced your rdr menu.
    I think it is really perfect.
    The rdr menu has all the important functions!
    I have never seen such a complete menu.
    Thank you very much for your dev. Your contribution.

    The GTA menu is very good.
    I don't think he can reach yours. The level of the rdr menu.
    Your rdr menu. Especially perfect. very perfect.
    All the important functions are already there!
    A masterpiece like a god!

    I want to talk about a few functions that I think are very important.
    I hope you can add it to the menu.

    flying sub handling
    I really like the function.
    But many menus. Should be 99% of the menu
    None of them have this feature.
    I searched many, many places.
    But I finally did not see the menu with this function.
    I really hope you can develop this feature.
    Although this may be more difficult.
    But thank you so much!
    You may need to dev.. handling first?
    Because it is subhandling. .
    This may be troublesome work.

    vehicle multiplier acceleration
    vehicle multiplier brakes
    These two are also very important functions.
    Acceleration. Brake.
    These two. He should support many vehicles
    include. car. and also. aircraft.
    I think. If a high brake is set.
    This function will also be reflected in the reversing.
    It's not just braking ability.

    Your gta menu. It is also very complete.
    I think these functions are very important.
    Hope you can develop.

    I have read your comment.
    You are doing development work alone.
    This is really hard work.
    Thank you very much!
    I have never seen such a complete and beautiful menu.
    Thank you for all your contributions.

    no matter what the result is. Thank you for your efforts!
    Thank you for your contribution!
    This is definitely the best menu!

    my English is poor. I use Google translate.
    If I said something wrong. Hope you don't mind.

    Espandi per leggere l'intero commento
    24 ottobre 2020