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    does this work well with lucasvinbr Gang and turf mod? Keep getting random crashes within 15 mins of starting

    10 luglio 2021
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    Back again for the first time in months. This mod is a go too and updated on a very regular basis. Thanks

    05 luglio 2021
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    @cakrasayakaV thanks for heads up what does this value affect do exactly please

    09 febbraio 2021
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    I keep crashing when starting a war

    07 febbraio 2021
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    By the way this mod is next level. Using it alongside flight to Cayo Perico and now have a populated Island. Created a separate gang and have them using Spanish police vehicles with mini territories everywhere it is spectacular. Brilliant Mod this is absolutely brilliant.

    02 febbraio 2021
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    Yeah @Nafizz96 i notice the same issue until I changed my game config, popcycle and popgroups back to what it was before installing VWE then the streets are packed again.

    Installed using OIV and all in one on a modfile and it corrupted the game. Removed the modfile loaded the game fine. Tried using both single OIV's and all in one game was corrupted again.

    The only sort of fix I have found is by installing the DLC pack from VWE_SCE and VWE manually

    28 gennaio 2021
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    Good mod but peds just die when they spot you

    13 gennaio 2021
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    Cheers, I sorted it by just adding the mod again it works flawlessly now. Really is brilliant. So i've had an issue for months regarding cop not spawning anywhere. I use back on the beat which I prefer to no cops around but it does spawn a lot.

    I mention this because I read a comment of yours regarding that this mod will affect cop spawns due to how many times you are wanted in a particular area. If that is true would it be fair to assume that initially there won't be any cops around as you havent been wanted in that area enough.

    Using this with Gangs and turf mod it together they are an absolute necessity

    09 gennaio 2021
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    Hi great mod love it. Never had an issue but at the moment struggling with being able to open my stash inside any of the stash houses. It just wont open my stash. Any help would be appreciated

    08 gennaio 2021
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    I only mention this only because the warrant script seems to crash me out. When i take it out of the scripts folder the game seems to run fine without crashing after 10 mins.

    I think cops on patrol does the same thing as cops back on the beat which replaces the popcycle and pop groups. If i alter these it will disturb the busy city ive managed to get. Dont have confidence to alter popcycle groups individually. This mod is awesome thank you for LS life

    27 luglio 2020