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    I meant to say "Some sublte police lights near the rear view mirror". Basically just like the unmarked cruiser Stanier but with the modifications that you have with this one (Dual exhaust and fog light options). I tried to combine your mod with the existing unmarked cruiser but it didn't work out very well lol. The car looked fine in game but when I went in Rockstar Editor all of the parts were floating in the air 🤣

    23 febbraio 2023
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    Love this. Some subtle police lights near rather rear view mirror or in the dash would be a dream come true!

    19 febbraio 2023
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    Still working just fine for me. There are still a lot of mods out there that aren't compatible with this game version. A couple MLO's were causing my game to crash the other day when I installed them but other MLO's worked just fine. Probably the same with cars. Some will work depending on how the mod is coded and some won't.
    @doneladio gave a solid instruction on how to go about properly installing and using this game config. Myself and many others are using it just fine so this mod is not the problem. People have just messed up their games with dirty mods or improper installations. Stop hounding the author to fix this. It's not broken.
    It sounds like verifying game files might not work for some people because their game is so jacked up. If the steps listed by @doneladio don't work for you then either revert back to a previous game version that works for you or just totally completely reinstall your game.

    16 agosto 2022
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    @AlexUA6 I'm not real sure what the difference in parameters or limits are between "For More Mods" or "For Less Mods". I think it just depends on which kind of Mods you have and how large they are. I think add on cars might take a lot to process so maybe if you have a huge amount of add-on cars or are experiencing poor performance then use "For More Mods". I removed a bunch of add-on maps and add-on vehicles from my DLC Packs in my MOD Folder so I'm using "For Less Mods" set to 3.5x traffic and peds right now. I might run into issues as I continue to add cars/maps back into my game and I may have to change to "For More Mods". If it makes any notable difference then I'll come back here.

    09 agosto 2022
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    @Suzerain001 Yeah I just redid my DLC list because I had it set up all weird in my MOD Folder. I still had my olddd modded DLC list so I wanted to wipe it clean and replace it with the vanilla DLC List to make sure it was identical and then I added my mods back into the DLC List after. I'm currently running v2699 right now with NVE and 3.5 traffic and peds with a bunch of other scripts and mods and I'm not having any issues at all. I never had a loading screen issue tho. My issue was crashing whenever I would scroll to a new Criminal Enterprise clothing item or vehicle.
    I did the same thing as @nathan318. I deleted Update2.rpf from my mod folder and then copied the new update2.rpf and pasted it back into the Mod Folder. A lot of people are still running the old update2.rpf or they deleted it completely as instructed in many downgrade tutorials as the update2.rpf was not needed for those playing on older versions, so some people are having issues because they don't have update2.rpf in their Mod Folder at all.
    I would make sure that the Packfile Limit Adjuster and Heap Limit Adjuster are both updated because they were both updated for v2699. Then copy the vanilla game config and save it somewhere because people are saying that the vanilla backup file in this mod doesn't work (although it does because I used when testing my game). Sometimes I'll install the custom game config into both my main gta AND my MODS folder. I've solved issues that way in the past but this time around I had to leave my game config Vanilla and then put my custom configuration into my MODS Folder only. But like I said, I usually drop the custom configuration into my Main folder and my MODS folder.
    Enable All Enteriors was updated and so was Simple Trainer.
    This update was kind of strange compared to previous updates. It did a lot of stuff it doesn't normally do and it also didn't do a lot of things that it normally does.
    Try to do a Vanilla/Vanilla Configuration and then try a Vanilla/Custom Configuration. And then also try a Custom/Custom Configuration, if that makes sense.
    Hope it helps! 🤙

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    08 agosto 2022
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  • C94102 img 20200223 115047 059

    @Nick4142 I'm literally playing right now. Had a similar issue as @bmw740il.
    Added update2.rpf back into my mods after removing for previous game versions and redid my dlclists, removed a few empty dlc packs with a bunch of 1KB nothing-files that were causing a crash and I'm playing as we speak. It's great. Sorry bout ya 🤙

    04 agosto 2022
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    I have over 2000 mods in my game and this mod works and has always worked for me. My game works right now with all mods. If it doesn't work then there is a 99% chance your game is all dirty and jacked up. It's not the configuration mod.
    Install the required mods listed in the description.
    Check and make sure all your mods are current/updated.
    Make sure your mods are compatible with the current version.
    Check both your main DLC list meta and the DLC List meta inside your MOD Folder.
    Also check your DLC Packs and make sure they line up with your modded DLC list meta.
    Make sure you don't have any empty DLC packs from previous versions and updates and make sure that you have all necessary Update.RPF files in your MODS Folder.
    If it still doesn't work then idk but it is your game, not the configuration mod.

    02 agosto 2022
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    Looks great but I can't seem to get this working. All of the prompts show up on all helicopters but when I press R on keyboard or B on controller nobody rappels. I just teleport from the pilot seat to the side door of the chopper and the only thing I can do from there is select to land. No ropes.

    20 maggio 2022
  • C94102 img 20200223 115047 059

    Working for me. Awesome 👍

    10 dicembre 2021