Motivo del Ban: Didn't follow the site rules about providing constructive feedback with a rating, before and after being warned. Also, verbal abuse and multiple accounts.
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    @ImNotMentaL i could take screen shots to an show you the problem
    i'm coming across if it was requested and rude remarks were not directed at me
    when I had a simple problem that could have been addressed properly.
    @Reyser an sorry but the rules don't say do not report problems on any mods
    they will be addressed by the creator when he/she is requesting feedback.
    if it did I wouldn't have reported a problem and defended myself from a rude

    22 aprile 2018
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    @ImNotMentaL no one here is being rude to you, you are just being rude to people for no reason don't want to make mods then don't if it's that much of a problem for you to be nice to the public that does enjoy your work, time and effort you do put into these mods you create. not everyone is a hater. so until you apologize for your rude comment and childish attitude i won't be giving any of your mods more then 2.5 stars just to show you how good my brain really is, 'cause I don't reward an give ratings for ignorance that's uncalled for, but I'll remember It when I give my final rating. I'm sure there was a nicer way to act towards my feedback.

    21 aprile 2018
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    @ImNotMentaL so was your comment so deal with it i originally gave you 5 stars until the mod
    started to show problems then I lowered It why would I give 5 stars for a half ass mod? that's childish
    being rude to people who enjoy using your mods that's childish me giving you 0.5 to 2.5 stars
    for a mod that is not working at the moment and because of your rude comment that's reasonable.
    next time don't lip off to people giving feed back on bugs an problems don't want feed back fix it.

    21 aprile 2018
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    this mod won't work every time I try to use the dealership the camera goes to the vehicle
    but I still have full control of the character with the camera stuck on the car i uninstalled
    all my mods and reinstalled just the requirements for this one and It still wont work.
    looking forward to a working update. fun an useful mod though I enjoy it when it works.

    21 aprile 2018
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    @oifunza the fog lights were done intentionally to make it different
    but the meter gauges is a problem with the vehicle model used so I can
    update the vehicle when Rock star fixes the bugs with their model
    i tried to fix it remove the engine bar and mirrors but then the cars windows
    wont brake, I didn't work on the car model I just made the 50 new extra mod parts.

    19 aprile 2018
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    I like it bro good work 100.

    18 aprile 2018
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    @SLY95ZER no but I can add another front bumper without the lights.

    16 aprile 2018
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  • Df624b download

    @Just_Riko glad you think I'm doing it for a rating. listen not everyone
    is horny for ratings an originality it's a mod website all these mods are
    stolen from other games stupid be original and crate your own video game
    instead of downloading and bitching about stuff other people build.
    whats this say? Work In progress not the final edit. and seeing as
    It's a vehicle I wanted to see more modifications for I'll do it how ever
    I choose to you know why? because I built it for fun by myself and
    was nice enough to share it with the public. so instead of sticking
    your thumb up your ass bitching about it because you don't like it,
    go play with other mods and STFU. see you're obviously a brain dead
    5 year old, you gotta try an hurt my feelings with dumb comments
    about my grandmother haha, how original, but seeing as you can't read
    fully here is what I Added: 1 DriftNappy Skirt. 2 DriftNappy Spoilers.
    2 Exhausts Big bore an Titanium. 2 New roll cages. (with Interior color padding)
    4 Racing seats. (secondary color an carbon seats) 2 Sound system options.
    (one small an one medium) 2 Racing gauges on the dash board.
    15 Karin Racing Steering wheels. 1 Chain link chrome Steering wheel.
    that all required editing the original parts to fit onto the jester in the right
    location so yes they are edited parts from other vehicles In game
    that's the glory of modding you take something modify it and give it
    a new purpose for another vehicle or what not, I'm sure if you look
    around on this website you'll see there is far worse mod Ideas
    but i don't build shit, for likes, ratings, or any of that retarded jazz
    I just do what I do for the enjoyment of doing It, if that's a problem with
    you then I suggest you put your big boys pants on an grow the fuck up.

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    14 aprile 2018
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    @Just_Riko and why would I put a roof rack on a drift car?
    you'll just have to wait an see what else I put on it like everyone else.

    13 aprile 2018