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  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    @Just_Riko ...(when they change in lsc rear ones looks smaller and floats in the air....)
    I can change the settings for both of these in the handling.meta or use Vstancer to fix them but I understand your point as many people might not know how to over come these issues.....

    12 gennaio 2018
  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    @Sokin Hi sorry I just saw this...
    I have done this many many times and never had any can you post the lines of your file then I can try to help you

    12 gennaio 2018
  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    nice car but I don't understand the choice to not allow people to change the wheels .... can you please enable the option or explain to me how I can do it myself -thanks

    01 novembre 2017
  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    you need to extract the files and put them in the proper locations
    Sorry I don't have Discord
    and yes there are some weird anomolies with some sounds I haven\'t located the source of the issue yet

    21 ottobre 2017
  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    @Vans123 I don't have your packs however I do have several of your stand alone cars most of which I modded their handling to my own prefrences of course all of these stopped working immediatley with this download but I understand why and is an easy fix for me... some others like the mustangbkit download also stopped working with this car...again I understand this case it was due to a conflict with the kit id easy fix for me...but for some others that have these issues might not know why or where to look to resolve the issues....

    31 luglio 2017
  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    @Vans123 not sure how this being part of your add on is releveant but since you have this as stand alone download shouldn't it actually be stand alone? and 2nd it causes major conflicts for people like me that have downloaded some of your cars individually....most people would not be able to diagnose let alone fix because no one would think to check these files for a problem with say the raptor2017....up to you but you should consider removing anything not relevent to this particular download.....other than that keep up the good work

    31 luglio 2017
  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    @Vans123 As always good work and top notch models.... BUT....why bloat the files with 15 cars of extra stuff that could cause all sorts of problems and be nearly impossible to diagnose because who would think to check this cars files for something like a mustang problem?...the files have everything for these 15 cars except the actual vehicle models:


    30 luglio 2017
  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    @Willief23 excellent job and fantastic description and directions -you are a model for others to follow

    15 luglio 2017
  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    @NAME_surname this is a very cool truck what country is it from? a lowered version with a chopped top would be awsome

    13 luglio 2017
  • C596a3 deathincbf1

    @JDHauser lmao who's the teenage girl lol?...quit crying, learn to take constructive criticism and save the martyrdom for something worth ranting on and on you decided to become offended rather then accept that this is mediocre (at best) and learn from it I'm finished with this now so you may post your last word to attempt to keep your glorious row boat from sinking any further lol I won't be back to read it because this is really going nowhere for anyone.....good luck and at least learn from this so it won't be a total loss

    13 luglio 2017